Safe & Sound: How Digital Jobsite Safety Forms Can Protect Your Business & Staff

keep your workforce safe with digital jobsite safety forms

When it comes to understanding personal safety, we’ve all had the basics ingrained on an elementary level (“don’t run with scissors!”) — but as employees, workplace dangers are often less obvious, and resulting scenarios can be difficult to navigate. 

Digitally documenting and enforcing safety procedures are important steps in encouraging a safer and more comfortable work environment. Ensuring employees, managers and any other involved parties understand their workplace risks and responsibilities is a crucial element within a safe workplace. Traditional paper documents simply cannot guarantee the accountability, accessibility and security of digital safety documents. Not to mention, digital documentation ensures managers and employees alike have accessible insight into workplace procedures and signed staff documents, at all times. 

Ready to safeguard your business and workforce? Check out some of our go-to safety form tips, and the GoFormz features that can help: 

Consistent documentation of jobsite safety
Properly establishing jobsite safety requires employing consistency across policies, paperwork and enforcement — ensuring all staff members are completing their work in a safe manner at all times. Digital safety forms help enforce procedures, ensuring employees complete necessary safety fields before continuing their work. This means paperwork is signed, inspections leave no stone unturned (or field unfilled), and policy is carefully followed. 

Use Case Example: Simplify your safety procedures with a mobile Jobsite Safety Checklist. This easy to complete checklist ensures supervisors remember to check for workplace safety hazards, keep their staff protected with the proper work attire (i.e. hard hats, harnesses, etc.) and confirm workplace safety procedures are being followed on a daily basis. 

Utilizing GoFormz features, like Required Signature fields (and accompanying Time Stamps), Checkboxes, and Image fields, supervisors can efficiently capture potential hazards and instantly submit their document to project leads. Keeping your staff efficient, detailed and (more importantly) safe. 

Ensure employee understanding and acknowledgement of risk
Digital safety documents can also help protect your business, by ensuring employees acknowledge their workplace risks, and providing mandatory safety procedures to avoid accidents.

digital jobsite safety forms for construction workforces

Informing staff of workplace best practices keeps everyone safe — accessible, thorough workplace safety documentation results in a more informed workforce, and can prevent negative repercussions to your business after a workplace accident. 

Keeping your workforce informed isn’t just a one-off task. Regular safety training, proper documentation and official recognition of training completion is necessary to mitigate risk and ensure staff members are up to date on safety procedure. This means documentation is completed and signed by all staff members before accessing a jobsite. 

Thorough incident documentation
If a workplace accident does take place, it’s important to know and follow workplace procedure. With digital documents, incident reports are simpler, faster and more effective, so your team can spend less time filing reports and more time addressing the incident at hand. 

Use Case Example: If an incident arises, a digital Jobsite Incident Report can be quickly accessed and completed with GoFormz. With pre-populated fields, pre-fill staff data and worksite details. Using Image fields, capture important incident visuals, using your device’s native camera. Immediately route completed incident documents to Human Resources and other relevant departments for rapid action.  

A safer workplace leads to happy employees and brand respect. Ensure your workforce is protected, with accessible, digital safety forms. For more construction form insight, check out our eBook, 8 Mobile Forms Every Construction and Field Service Company Should Have, or explore our new construction industry solution page.