Spotlight Feature: The Signature Field

electronically capture signatures with goformz mobile forms.

Capturing signatures electronically has saved our customers an incredible amount of time and frustration. The electronic signature field ensures that your forms capture vital sign-offs quickly and securely, allowing projects to rapidly progress, without risking neglected form fields, approvals or milestones. 

Our customers are thrilled with the versatile power of the GoFormz Signature field. Arixio, a cloud computing and hardware IT company, was struggling to find a digital form solution that allowed for the input of multiple signatures within one form — regardless of sign-off time and order. Upon implementing GoFormz, Matt Whips, President of Arixio, raved, “I cannot stress enough the importance of the multi-touch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!” 

Electronic Signatures allow your team to rapidly progress projects and approvals. In the Stone Age days of paper forms, acquiring vital sign-offs and approvals from customers and project leads required duplicated documentation, commuting resources (driving in between customer locations and company offices) and a fair amount of responsibility placed on the form provider (to ensure all the necessary fields are completed before sign-offs occur...not always a simple task). With the ability to digitally capture signatures and instantly submit sign-offs, your team can minimize time commuting, sidestep opportunities for human error (e.g. fields neglected within signed forms) and progress project timelines faster. 

Harness the power of additional features within your digital signature fields to enforce procedures and safeguard your business. Make your signature field Required to ensure submitted forms are signed by relevant participants. Automatically route signed-off forms to customers, managers and third party vendors, keeping key-players informed and responsive when documentation milestones occur. 

Interested in implementing the electronic Signature field? Check out how you can include this powerful feature in your next form, by completing just three easy steps