FAQ: How can I enable Auto-Tagging for my form?

At GoFormz, we believe in effortless efficiency — a belief that has inspired many of our automatic features. One of our favorites? Automatic Tagging. Follow the simple steps below to craft an automated workflow that associates Tags with your forms automatically, (rather than individually Tagging each form).

1. Open the Templates Tab and select the Template of the Form you wish to enable Automatic Tagging for. 
2. When the Template Editor loads, click “Manage Events”. Once the “Manage Template Events” window loads, select “Add Trigger”.
3. Craft your Event Trigger by selecting a User and a Trigger, identifying what User and action will prompt your workflow. 
4. Under “Do the Following”, select “Tag”. In the Tag field, enter your desired Tag, or multiple Tags separated by commas. Dynamic Tags are also supported (e.g. a customer name).

Add a Tag to your form automatically

5. Click save. 

Yup, enabling automatic functionality within your Tagging processes is really that easy. To better understand how to Tags can benefit your forms, check out our collection of best practices for Tagging.