Some Best Practices For Using Tags in GoFormz

Using Tags within your forms ecosystem can vastly improve your team’s efficiency. However, using Tags without a company-wide tagging policy can lead to an overwhelming number of Tags, and an unorganized Forms Dashboard. The following best practices can help you better implement tagging, without compromising your company’s methods of organization. 

  1. Keep your goals in mind: when developing your Tags, consider what type of Tag will best support your team’s objectives (tagging customer names, technician names, etc.)
  2. Automate: Implementing automated workflows that tag forms frees up your time and helps eliminate human error.
  3. Communicate: If you’re not ready to automate your process, creating Tags ahead of time and developing a structured approach to their use can help avoid redundancies and confusion.

To Learn more about how to implement Tags, you can read our ProTips on how to use Tags in our mobile app, on the web, or how to automate them.