FAQ: How do I set up a data source?

Data Sources can be used to Pre-Populate fields and filter options. Data Sources are Tables including rows of data called Records, and columns called Fields. Data Sources can be referenced by form fields to provide a powerful way to simplify data capture and increase accuracy.

Creating a Data Source begins with a crafting a CSV containing the data you would like included. Each Data Source must have a Key Field, and each Record’s Key Field must be unique –– unique Key Fields allow corresponding fields to be auto-populated accurately. 

Example: Suppose your Data Source included data reflecting lunch orders. Setting your unique Key Field to the meal name would allow relevant fields (like price, descriptions, etc.) to be instantly filled with corresponding data. 

Data Sources

Indexing Data Sources (by a column or field) lets you use that column for data retrieval, allowing for filtering. 

Creating a Data Source
To create a Data Source, complete the following. 

  1. Export your desired data (from wherever it may be stored)
  2. Open the exported file in a spreadsheet program (like Excel)
  3. Make your Key Field the first column
  4. Save your data as a CSV file

In GoFormz: 

  1. Login to goformz.com
  2. Select the ‘More’ dropdown
  3. Select ‘Manage Data Sources
  4. Click ‘Create’
  5. When the ‘Create Data Source’ window loads, enter a name for your new Data Source
  6.  Upload your CSV file
  7. If your CSV file has a header field, select the ‘Header Row’ box
  8. Click ‘Save’

To learn more about creating and using Data Sources, click here