FAQ: How do I fill out a Form using my new Template? 

To start filling out Forms on your phone, tablet or computer, you first need a Template. 

  • A Template is the master version of your digital document. Your Template is the result of uploading a PDF/JPG of your existing form, dragging-and-dropping fields and adding logic. 
  • A Form is each copy of the Template you fill out. 

For example, to create a Work Order Template you would login to your account in the GoFormz web app (on a desktop or laptop), upload a PDF of your existing Work Order and add fields in the Template Editor. Once you saved your changes, your Template is available to be filled out as a Form, online or in the GoFormz app. 

Here’s a quick video explaining the difference between a Template and a Form:

To fill out your Form using your new Template, follow the steps below: 

  1. Create a Template and make sure changes are saved
  2. Login to the GoFormz app (or the web app from a computer)
  3. Locate the Template of the Form you wish to fill out. Your Template can be found under the New or Recents tabs. 
  4. Tap the Template.
  5. Your Template will load and you can begin filling out your Form
  6. When you are done filling out your Form, hit complete. Now, if you need to complete another copy of the same Form, you can simply tap the Template again.

Looking for more information on getting started with GoFormz? Be sure to explore our Video FAQ page and Video Tutorials for expert advice and guidance.