6 Digital Hospitality Forms You Should Be Using

Use digital hospitality forms and hospitality checklists to elevate your customer service, safety inspections and more

The hospitality industry moves fast and mobile forms can help you keep pace with the ever-changing medley of demands that need to be met. From hotel room inspections to employee training, mobile forms help your team collect, share and organize information, faster. Additionally, because data collected using mobile hospitality forms is digital, supervisors can manage project progress, operational needs and employee training, straight from their device. 

Digital hospitality forms can also host powerful new data types that traditional paper forms can’t handle. For example, if a hotel staff member needed to report room damage, they could include a photo in a mobile maintenance Work Order, leveraging their device’s native camera feature. The staff member could then annotate the captured Image using a Sketch field, highlighting important areas of the photo. Once completed, the maintenance Work Order would be instantaneously available for review, and could even be Auto-Emailed to maintenance personnel. This Automated Workflow reduces delays, resulting in improved responsiveness and more thorough communication. 

Interested in learning more about what digital hospitality forms can accomplish? Here are 6 digital hospitality forms that will transform your operation: 

Hotel Facility Safety Checklists
Your guests are trusting your team to keep them safe and comfortable. Mobile Hotel Facility Safety Checklists empower your team to collect more detailed, timely safety information –– resulting in optimized risk management and a more thorough understanding of emergency procedures. 

Digital Facility Safety Checklists simplify the confirmation of specific safety features being met. For example, inspecting fire extinguishers, fire alarms, pool or exercise equipment  and exit signs. Leveraging instant data routing, hospitality management can easily monitor and address safety needs in real-time. Using Triggered Alerts, if elements of a safety inspection are not satisfactory management can be instantly notified. With custom, scheduled Reports, management can effortlessly track trends in facility safety or personnel negligence and more proactively address them.

Key Features: Triggered Alerts, Automated Workflows, Checkboxes, Reports

elevate your housekeeping services with digital hospitality forms

Housekeeping Checklists
From changing sheets to reporting damage, hotel housekeeping is a detailed task. Using digital Housekeeping Checklists and mobile turndown service forms, allows housekeeping personnel to record the completion of specific, vital tasks, without disrupting their workflow. 

Digital Housekeeping Checklists can feature Checkboxes noting the completion of each task. Checkboxes can also be equipped with simple logic, alerting supervisors to facility damage, missing items and more. Digital Housekeeping Checklists can also be designed to pre-fill current user information (e.g. a staff member’s name, employee number, etc.) eliminating the need to re-enter the same employee information with each room serviced. 

Key Features: Checkbox Groups, Data Sources (Pre-Fill information), Image fields, Auto-Email, Signatures, Required fields

Restaurant Food Safety Checklists
One of the most important elements of operating a restaurant is ensuring food safety is a consistent priority. Digital Food Safety Checklists allow your team to rapidly and thoroughly review food safety procedures and be proactive in addressing food safety hazards. 

Digital Food Safety Checklists can also leverage simple business logic within their fields, allowing restaurant personnel to quickly alert management to pressing issues. For example, if an employee were to select a Checkbox noting that pests were present within the facility (an extremely time-sensitive issue) the mobile form can be instructed to Alert managers, who can then address the issue immediately. 

Key Features: Auto-Email, Checkbox Groups, Signatures, Time/Date

Training Forms
Growing your hospitality team entails frequent training sessions. Employee training often includes critical information covering staff and guest safety, daily tasks, emergency procedures and more. 

Digital Training Forms help capture important employee information (e.g. name, contact information, sessions attended) and record their participation. With Signature fields, employees can easily record their attendance and signify their understanding of procedures covered in training. Employees can also be automatically sent a copy of their completed document, to the contact email they provided within the digital training form.

Key Features: Signatures, Auto-Email, Number fields (e.g. phone number), Date/Time

Event Sign-In Sheets
Effortlessly capture event attendee contact information, Times entered and Dates of visits with digital Sign-In sheets. Using digital Sign-In sheets allows hospitality management to easily contact visitors and manage attendees. Once an event has ended, instantly provide attendee contact information to organizers using mobile Form sharing options. 

Key Features: Text field, Time field, Date field, Form Sharing

Capture employee shift information with digital hospitality forms and timesheets.

Hospitality Timesheets
Easily track employee hours and manage input overtime with digital Hospitality Timesheets. Digital Timesheets allow staff members to easily input hours worked, along with payroll information, directly from their device. Completed Timesheets are instantly available for review by payroll personnel, expediting paycheck review and processing. 

Using Dynamic Field Properties (DFPs) overtime hours input into Timesheets can be formatted to instantly Alert supervisors and require the completion of an additional Text field, detailing the reasons overtime hours were necessary. 

Key Features: Required fields, Triggered Alerts, Automated Workflow, Date/Time, Signatures, Text fields

Maintenance Work Orders
When your business hosts a revolving door of guests, accidents happen. With digital Maintenance Work Orders, reporting hotel room or property damage can be completed faster and more thoroughly. Leveraging Image fields, hospitality personnel can quickly capture photos of damage and annotate specific areas with Sketch fields. With GPS fields, including the location of damage or maintenance needs is simple and precise. 

Using Drop Downs pre-filled with information, hospitality team members can easily select what type of repair is needed (e.g. electrical, plumbing) and route completed Work Orders to the appropriate staff members. 

Key Fields: Drop Downs, Image fields, GPS, Sketch fields, Automated Workflows