4 Platform Perks & Features Team GoFormz Loves

Love GoFormz? So do we! Check out the fields and features Team GoFormz loves. 

Rob Brewster, CEO
“Easily capture and extend data to every inch of your business."

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Extending the benefits of digital, accurate data to every inch of your business not only improves your company-wide communication, but also your productivity, trend analysis, workflow efficiencies and customer service. With our collection of integrations and API, you can further extend your GoFormz collected data to your other business systems, fully automating information syncs and further empowering your data.

Alexis Brustad, Business Development Representative
“Automatic calculations ~ no more simple math!”

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It’s no secret, we’re extremely proud of our automated features –– and automated calculations just might take the cake. Eliminate human error, simplify data entry and expedite form completion using this essential feature. Learn how you can automate calculations within your forms, here

Jenn Sague, Account Manager
“Utilizing data sources to pre-populate information on your forms to save time!”

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Data sources empower your team to instantly fill form fields with previously collected data, simplifying and expediting data entry. Using turn-key integrations, admins can even dispatch forms pre-filled with data from other business systems –– extending the power of collected data. Learn more about pre-populated data, here

Noe Vital, Marketing Manager
“Auto-email – no more unnecessary trips to the office.”

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Manually delivering paper documents wastes time, resources and money. Using auto-email and other automatic workflows, documents and data can be delivered to the right people and systems, instantly. Learn to configure auto-email, here