Automatically Dispatch Forms From Your Favorite Business Apps

You may already know that completing a form in GoFormz can trigger Automatic Workflows. These include sending form data to an integrated app (like Autodesk’s BIM 360, Salesforce, Procore, Box, and more), emailing a form PDF to a customer, or even creating another form. But did you know that external triggers from other business apps can also be used to kick off GoFormz workflows?

The most common example of this is a form dispatch workflow. When a triggering event occurs within a third-party app, a new form can automatically be created, assigned to a specific user, and pre-filled with relevant data. Here are a few examples:

  • When a new work order for a client is created in Salesforce, a GoFormz mobile form is automatically created, dispatched to the user specified in the Salesforce work order, and pre-filled with client information.

  • When a new row is added to a project Sheet in Smartsheet, a form can be automatically created, pre-filled with data from that row, and assigned to the employee selected within the row.

  • When a new task is created within a Procore project, a form can be automatically dispatched to the task owner, and pre-filled with project data.

And many more!

Why dispatch forms using other apps?

Dispatching forms from your trusted business apps is the ultimate way to automate your data capture and boost data accuracy without disrupting existing business processes. It truly takes your process automation to the next level. Some benefits include:

  • Back office employees don’t have to learn a new, unfamiliar process. They can keep working within their familiar apps — e.g. if they were creating work orders in Salesforce, they can keep doing exactly that. Only now their actions automatically trigger the dispatch of GoFormz mobile forms to the appropriate teammate.

  • Field workers receive automatic notifications, expediting task assignments. As soon as a form is dispatched, a notification pops up on the assignee’s mobile device, letting them know that a new form is ready to be filled out.

  • Captured data is automatically synced back to your business apps. As soon as the form is completed, the data can be sent back to the app that dispatched the form. This saves time and money by eliminating any costly data re-entry or transfer processes in the back office.

  • A single data capture front end boosts data accuracy. Using GoFormz as the data capture platform across multiple business apps effectively centralizes your data collection processes, leading to cleaner, more accurate data.

The result is an end-to-end automated data capture workflow that will rapidly improve the way you work.

Automate form actions, routing, dispatch and sharing with GoFormz Automated Workflows and integrations

How does it work?

External trigger integrations are implemented using ‘webhooks’, which are a common approach to automating communication between apps. We have ready-to-go webhook integrations with many of the top cloud apps, like Salesforce, Procore, Smartsheet, and more. Better yet, our Professional Services team can build a custom form dispatch integration with any app that supports webhooks.

To get started, contact your GoFormz account manager for more information on how we can use your favorite business apps to dispatch forms and trigger GoFormz data capture workflows. To learn more about using GoFormz as a front end to your operation’s data capture, click here.