Paper: The Ultimate Pest (Pest Control Forms)


Working in Pest Control, external challenges are no surprise: from rodents to termites, you’ve tackled it all. But no matter your operation’s success, you may still be battling a pest to rival them all… and it’s a costly infestation lurking within your filing cabinets. It’s time to take action, and exterminate paper-based forms and processes, once and for all.

Telling paper to ‘bug off’ is no small feat, but GoFormz can help make your digital transformation a seamless, stress-free experience. By simply uploading a JPG or PDF of your pest control form (like Invoices, Work Orders, Service Agreements, etc.) you can then drag and drop powerful, intuitive field’s onto your now digital document –– creating a familiar user experience, while enabling your data to accomplish more for your business. 

Pest Control businesses rely on thorough documentation to record the services requested, received and reviewed by team members every day. This demanding frequency makes paper-based operations vulnerable to errors and delays. Adding to the chaos of paperwork are the needs of mobile teams working outside of the office and on the go… an environment burdened by tangible documents.

By digitizing your pest control forms and documents with GoFormz, you can eliminate delays, misplaced forms and inaccuracies with instantaneous data gathered through powerful fields and logic. Follow along with our use case example to learn how GoFormz can transform your Pest Control operation. 

GoFormz + Pest Control Use Case:

Filling out client estimates on paper forms requires so much time and is vulnerable to human error. Not only does it take more time to handwrite a form, it then has to wait until the end of a shift until it is manually handed in (if it doesn't get lost along the way). As a mobile form, a client estimate is submitted as soon as it is completed, and the information it contains is digital, which means it is so much easier and faster to process.

Between mobile teams, office admins and a variety of managers, clients and collaborators, Pest Control form consistency can feel near impossible. With digital forms, however, form users can achieve consistency across data entry, record keeping and processing, no matter their location, department or function.

With consistency comes improved data accuracy and client-facing confidence. With streamlined record-keeping and refined data collections, teams can avoid costly inconsistencies and errors. Fewer errors means time and money saved, and increased responsiveness (to both company and client needs) leading to a more efficient, productive workforce. 

The best part? Documents digitized with GoFormz can look exactly the same as your traditional paperwork, leading to staff and client familiarity, while maintaining professionalism and modernizing your the way your work.

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