ProTip: ‘IsInGroup’ Makes Data Entry Twice as Easy

Every workforce hosts an amalgam of pain points and operational goals –– usually resulting in a variety of user experiences when interacting with shared business technology. To put it simply, not every department or team uses operational forms in the same way… and that’s ok. Using the IsIngroup formula within form fields, admins can ensure form users within a variety of specific groups are only interacting with the fields they need, as well as provide additional data entry guidance. 

IsInGroup grants you the power to control Dynamic Field Properties based on Group Membership. The IsInGroup calculation dictates how a field should behave and modify it’s properties for users within specified groups. This is accomplished by entering specific Group ID’s into the IsInGroup calculation. If a user is found to be a member of a group included within the IsInGroup calculation, fields will respond by adjusting their: 

  • Background color
  • Visibility
  • Required status

Background Color Use Case Example: 

  • Details: Needed a way to easily guide user data entry for field technicians. Used the IsInGroup within the Background property to instruct specific, crucial fields to turn Red for users from the Field Tech group.
  • Application: Entered =IF(IsInGroup("GROUP ID NUMBER HERE")="true","FF0000","FFFF99") into the Background property.
  • Result: Now field techs can easily identify important fields specific to their job, reducing time wasted completing unnecessary fields, while improving form completion. 

Visibility Use Case Example: 

  • Details: Needed the “Supervisor’s Signature” field to only be visible to members of the Supervisor group. 
  • Application: Entered =IF(IsInGroup("GROUP ID NUMBER HERE")="true","true","false") into the Visible property.
  • Result: With the Supervisor Signature field only visible to members of the Supervisor group, incorrect signature capture has been eliminated –– saving time, reducing bad data and enforcing business requirements and compliance.

Required Use Case Example: 

  • Details: Needed specific fields to only be made Required for users in the Sales group. 
  • Application: Entered =IF(IsInGroup("GROUP ID NUMBER HERE")="true","true","false") into the Required property.
  • Result: Now Sales team Required fields must be completed before documents can be submitted –– eliminating the need to retrospectively edit or add, and expediting and improving data completion… all while sidestepping any disruption for other uninvolved groups. 

Where can I find a Group ID? 
Locating a Group ID is simple.

  • Navigate to the Edit Group page, within the Web App. 
  • Select Users and Groups
  • Click the “Edit” option for your desired group
  • The Group ID will be located to the right of your Group Name