Announcing the GoFormz and Record360 Partnership

The GoFormz team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Record360.

Record360 logo

Record360 helps rental and leasing companies accurately collect and manage records of assets, with the goal of decreasing customer expenses and damage disputes. A trusted resource, Record360 has helped countless businesses reduce their bottom line and promote transparency within their reporting.

GoFormz and Record360 are a perfect match. Aiming to streamline client asset documentation, Record360 works with digital platforms as a solution to sluggish paper-based records—enter GoFormz. The simplicity of GoFormz smart, mobile forms allows businesses to seamlessly create exact, digital versions of their legacy paper forms. With powerful logic, countless workflow opportunities, cloud storage and fields that leverage features native to mobile devices (i.e. Image fields), the marriage of GoFormz and Record360 not only streamlines documentation, but also enforces procedures and encourages accuracy.

This innovative partnership offers a first-of-its-kind, completely digital check-in/check-out procedure that covers all aspects of records, like rental agreements. With a fully digitized rental and leasing procedure, Record360 customers can now accurately, visually and securely record asset details, without the burdens of manual hand-ins, human error or miscommunications. To read the full press release click here.

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