Win Major Brownie Points With These Customer Service Workflows

Enable customer service centric workflows and automations directly from your forms.

Stellar customer service is no easy feat—requiring personable care, rapid response times and meaningful service, at every turn. Relying on manual documentation can make customer care frustrating and overly complicated for everyone involved—requiring staff members to hunt through binders, file cabinets and paper form collections, simply to locate customer data.

Digitizing your forms not only makes life easier for your employees, but also eliminates a substantial amount of stress and confusion for customers as well. With a collection of time-saving productivity features, a familiar user interface (your digital forms look exactly like your paper forms) and opportunities for increased visibility, your customers will know they are your first priority. Ready to optimize your client facing operations? Earn some major brownie points with these customer service centric workflows: 

Order Progress Updates:
Keep your clients updated with real-time progress reports—automatically dispatch reports with milestone updates and progress information.

Use Case Example: Automatically email clients a copy of order details as soon as they have been processed or approved by key-players. This workflow increases customer visibility into project progress—earning you client trust and bonus points for attentiveness.

Enforce quality control procedures and save time with automatically routed quality control forms for clients. 

Quality Control Reporting:
Instantly send detailed Quality Control reports on product specs and condition to clients before delivering. Include visual elements, like Images and Sketches, to better convey the overall quality and completed product.

Use Case Example: Ensure completed products are exactly what each customer requested before delivering. Leveraging instantly available quality control approval or concerns, your team can respond to every scenario quickly and without delay—reducing client stress and eliminating post-delivery order frustration. Reference approved quality control reports when faced with product concerns, using Signature and Date fields to resolve potential disputes.

Real-Time Alerts:
Instantaneously alert involved team members of customer submitted forms or data, allowing for real-time action and improved customer response times.

Use Case Example: Empower your form to alert staff points of contact of submitted or approved orders, so team members can immediately get to work or address client concerns. Your customers will be thrilled with your response times and the speed of their order progress.

Customer Feedback:
Automatically route Customer Feedback forms to clients with completed orders to gather valuable feedback and address any remaining concerns.

Use Case Example: Enable fields within your Customer Feedback forms to automatically route submitted feedback forms to technicians, managers or departments involved in the order. Key-players can then address any resulting concerns or praise in real-time, ensuring clients feel heard and prioritized.