Improve Collaboration With GoFormz

Many hands should make light work—but when they don’t, there’s GoFormz. Multi-user form collaboration may sound cumbersome, but with versatile mobile forms, it couldn’t be simpler. Leveraging powerful GoFormz features, like field-level rules, triggered alerts and overwrite protections, your team can collaborate without fear of risking data or slowing productivity.

Could your teamwork use some extra work? Check out how you can improve collaboration using GoFormz:

Collaborate with customers, partners and coworkers easily with GoFormz. 

Securely increase shareability: Collaboration shouldn’t be limited to in-house users. Easily work on digital documents with coworkers, third-party partners and clients—without jeopardizing sensitive data or risking overwrites. Adding third-party users to your GoFormz account keeps your data secure, while allowing collaborators to access data in real-time, monitor project progress or review documented details.

Third-party shareability allows your team to complete work and receive approvals faster, while increasing customer and partner visibility into projects—leading to happier business relationships and fewer miscommunications.

Avoid costly redundancies: Don’t waste time completing the same task as your coworker. With embedded logic, field-level rules and sign-off requirements, you can ensure the right work is being done by the right people—every time.

Refine your routing: Empower your forms to complete the busy work for you. With refined, automatic routing specifications, instantly send forms to key-players once a field has been completed. Eliminating the need for manual hand offs reduces wait times and streamlines your workflow—saving you time, and reducing logistical headaches.

Dispatch alerts to contributors for easy collaboration and updates. 

Keep key-players informed with dispatched alerts: Still waiting on that one person to get around to their action items? Enable your forms to dispatch alerts and notifications based on completed form fields and submitted documents.

Prompting users with alerts, notifications or email updates provides team members with real-time data, and let’s them know when it’s their turn to complete a task. This means faster submissions and processing, along with improved response times.

Working to modernize your business? Check out these popular GoFormz features, and discover your next mobile solution.