GoFormz Q&A With Procore: Overcoming Manual Job Site Challenges

Procore, an ‘all-in-one’ construction management software, has long led the charge for the digital advancement of construction operations – from subcontractors to large scale builds. We sat down with Procore’s Product Marketing Manager, Sina Falaki, for a quick discussion of construction’s digital advancements, and the challenges many operations still face.

GoFormz and Procore work together to help construction teams streamline their work and data capture

GoFormz: The world of construction has long sought the benefits of ‘digital transformation’ – from helping field teams work faster to ensuring safer worksites, digital adoption is now essential to long term success. At Procore, what are the key advantages you see as a result of embracing digital solutions on the jobsite?

Sina: There have been an incredible number of recent breakthroughs in construction technology, many of which deliver truly remarkable advantages. Teams that do accomplish a ‘digital transformation’ are able to work more efficiently and safely, while also directly benefiting their bottom line. The key here is to identify a solution that streamlines your workflows end-to-end, eliminating manual tasks and bottlenecks as much as possible.

Construction worker wearing hardhat works on job site - Q&A with Procore and GoFormz mobile forms

GoFormz: As you mentioned, we’ve seen countless breakthroughs in construction technology, from field team tools to back-office solutions. So what challenges, if any, do construction teams still struggle to overcome?

Sina: While it’s true that there have been incredible advances in construction tech, many teams are still struggling with one of the most essential and basic components of their field work: the accuracy and reliability of their data. Manual data collection is at the very root of this issue. Just because a team is using a digital tool to capture data, doesn’t mean that the data they are gathering and later entering into Procore is accurate or useable. This inaccurate or incomplete data then results in more work for construction teams, and even worse — the inability to rely on project data.

GoFormz: Data accuracy is often a reason construction teams and Procore users reach out to us here at GoFormz. How are teams utilizing the GoFormz and Procore integration to improve the accuracy of their collected field data?

Sina: Using the GoFormz and Procore integration, teams can share highly accurate data between the two platforms, in real-time. This means that teams in the field have the ability to dynamically create and update Procore records, based on data captured in their forms. For example, if a GoFormz user completed a quote for a new project, this integration would enable them to instantly create a Procore record under that new project name, with no additional work necessary. This also means that back-office teams using Procore can trigger the dispatch of GoFormz mobile forms pre-filled with Procore project data to teams in the field. Dispatching forms pre-filled with data not only accelerates form completion, but also reduces opportunities for human error and redundancies.

Once dispatched forms reach field teams, form logic — like required fields, data sources, and automatic calculations — helps guide further data entry, ensuring critical information is captured before a form can be submitted. For example, a data source can be used to generate a dropdown containing all available Procore projects within the GoFormz mobile form; when a project is selected from the dropdown, other relevant fields like project ID, address, status, etc. will be filled automatically with the latest data from Procore, reducing data entry needs and opportunities for error. This means forms are more complete and submitted data is always accurate which, in turn, increases the accuracy of Procore records – all while working more efficiently.

Construction teams still relying on manual data collection are essentially working with one hand tied behind their backs.

GoFormz: What key benefits can users anticipate from more accurate data?

Sina: More accurate Procore data means that things get done correctly from the get go, which eliminates the need for hours and dollars spent on rework. For example, using mobile forms equipped with automatic calculations means proposed totals (like cost of labor, timesheet hours, etc.) are always completed accurately, expediting form completion and project progress, while simultaneously strengthening customer trust and professionalism.

GoFormz: The fact that so many teams continue to struggle with the accuracy of their data points to a major opportunity for construction businesses to improve their operations.

Sina: Exactly. Construction teams still relying on manual data collection are essentially working with one hand tied behind their backs. Utilizing solutions like the Procore and GoFormz integration eliminates wasteful data collection and processing delays, while simultaneously enforcing data capture rules and elevating data accuracy. This is a huge advantage for construction teams working to streamline their data collection and improve the quality of their insights.

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Sina Falaki, Procore Product Marketing Manager

Sina Falaki is a Product Marketing Manager at Procore
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