3 Reasons to Use Our Procore Integration

Optimizing your construction data capture goes beyond simply digitizing a form. To truly elevate your construction data capture workflow, optimization merely begins with digitizing your forms and continues via the application of logic, automations and integrations. In other words, your data capture can be automated and streamlined end-to-end, significantly reducing administrative demands and eliminating opportunities for human error.

Man wearing hardhat uses construction mobile form on tablet

Our integration with Procore, the leader in construction project management software, provides an incredible opportunity to streamline the sharing of highly accurate, real-time data, while expediting form completion. Here are a few more ways our integration with Procore can help bolster your construction data capture and help your team work more efficiently:

  1. Dispatch pre-populated forms, instantly
    By selecting a field in Procore, an admin can instantaneously dispatch a form pre-populated with Procore data to teams in the field. The onsite field team can then review & complete the pre-filled form. By routing forms pre-filled with information, field teams can complete forms much faster and more accurately. Once a form has been completed, a workflow will then update a Procore record with the additional information captured.

  2. Centralize project documents and attachments, automatically
    Utilizing an Automated Workflow, a PDF copy of completed forms can be uploaded to specific Procore records. An Automated Workflow can even instantly update Procore records with captured project data and create new objects. For example, a Procore object could be instantly updated with a project address, city, phone number or more, captured within a mobile form. If an object mapping to these form values does not already exist, the workflow would then create a new object to update with captured data (and attach a PDF).

  3. Increase data quantity and quality
    Real-time access to completed forms and the instantaneous routing of collected data, results in not only more data, but better data. Leveraging embedded form logic (like Required fields), admins can ensure critical field data is captured prior to form submission. This means that project-critical information, like Signature authorizations, job safety compliance data and more, can be better prioritized and systematically collected. Additionally, by utilizing our integration with Procore, data can be seamlessly passed between mobile forms and your records, leading to more accurate, timely data, and consequently, more impactful reporting and insights.

To learn more about our integration with Procore, check out this quick intro video to see the workflow in action or visit our Procore App Marketplace page.

For help implementing the Procore integration, contact our Professional Services team.