Hospitality Use Case: Digital Guest Communications

In the hospitality industry, nothing is more important than quality customer service. Digital forms allow hospitality operations to prioritize a client-centric approach to business, by eliminating manual processing delays and empowering teams to communicate faster. 

One common use case for digital hospitality forms is the documentation and communication of forgotten guest items. Before digital hospitality forms, hospitality teams (e.g. housekeeping) who found forgotten guest items would need to manually record and communicate what had been found, in what room it had been found and more. This task would need to be completed daily, resulting in wasted time and cumbersome communications. 

With digital hospitality forms, housekeeping and management personnel can report forgotten items easily and thoroughly. Using Image fields, housekeeping can quickly take a picture of forgotten items, along with a Text field description. The completed form can be instantly sent to the guest’s email, expediting communications and providing a thorough record of items found. By enabling hotel staff to communicate rapidly and thoroughly (while simultaneously reducing their workload) hotel management can also encourage positive guest reviews and return business. 

A similar workflow can be applied to reporting property damages. If a housekeeping staff member were to encounter property damage, they can instantly report their findings using Image fields. Data entry and form completion can be further expedited through the use of Drop Downs pre-filled with information (e.g. selecting a Drop Down item to signify you work in Housekeeping, or Reception, etc.), removing the need for users to reenter previously captured information. 

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