How GoFormz Improves Your Back-Office Operations

Optimize your back-office workflow with mobile forms

GoFormz is an incredible tool and advantage for every department. From field teams to back-office personnel, digital forms gift users incredible advantages and opportunities that archaic, manual documents cannot. When it comes to bolstering your office-based administrative team, GoFormz presents a variety of ways to streamline and simplify time-consuming, tedious work. 

Ditch manual office chores like...

  • Hand-delivering documents is a costly yet commonplace practice. Delivering documents from a jobsite to the back-office wastes employee time, vehicle fuel and risks misplaced documents and damage. Using GoFormz, completed forms are instantly available for review… no delivery required.  
  • Rekeying data is not only boring and a waste of time, but also frequently riddled with errors. GoFormz grants instant access to collected data as soon as a form is completed. Captured data can even be automatically routed to other business apps (like Salesforce, ServiceMax, Box, Egnyte and more), so your data is in the right place, right away. 
  • Filing paperwork wastes significant time and budget. The manual resources necessary to store, organize and maintain the vast amount of records needed to run a business, can be detrimental to any operation's bottomline. With GoFormz, completed forms and data are stored in the Cloud and can be accessed anywhere. Completed forms can be automatically Tagged, uploaded to folders and more.

Elevate office to field communication with…

  • Triggered Alerts prevent your inbox from becoming a communications wasteland. By enabling Alerts to occur when specific forms have been completed by a User or Group, administrative teams can remain informed of project and document progress.
  • New data types like Images, Sketches and Maps grant field visibility to back-office teams. For example, a Text field description of a job site hazard generally cannot convey the urgency, danger or total detail, that an Image can. 
  • Digital Signatures ensure the rapid, easy capture of approvals, especially when paired with the Required field property (meaning you no longer need to send paperwork back out to the field if a Signature is missing).

Manage Users, Groups and documents with…

  • Optimized GoFormz User Management allows for GoFormz admins to easily assign or restrict permissions, organize Groups and more.

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