How Oldcastle Manufacturing Saves $500K  Annually with GoFormz

GoFormz streamlines quality control for manufacturing

Digitizing your forms with GoFormz results in elevated insights and increased operational visibility. Insights garnered through GoFormz can be applied to dramatically improve business agility and decision making – directly benefiting your bottomline.

A perfect example of how real-time, detailed insights can impact an operation’s workflow, can be found within a highly successful GoFormz use case, from Oldcastle Manufacturing. 

Oldcastle, North America’s leading manufacturer of building materials and products, crafts prefabricated bathrooms for commercial projects. Oldcastle relies on precision manufacturing and intensive pre-delivery inspections to ensure the consistent quality of their products… tasks made difficult by their previously manual workflow. 

Before GoFormz, Oldcastle team-members had been burdened with 17 page documents and the frustration of Prontoforms’ IT demands and complications. Once introduced to GoFormz, their digitized forms and processing provided an opportunity to empower Oldcastle’s manufacturing floor personnel to work faster… without sacrificing the quality of tasks performed. The result? An annual savings of $500,000.

Ready to achieve incredible savings of your own? Here’s a breakdown of how Oldcastle accomplished and incredible savings of $500,000 annually:

New data types, new insights
Oldcastle included Image fields within their digital forms, allowing for increased insight into manufacturing floor activity and progress. Image fields helped improve Oldcastle’s quality control process, by providing photos of each bathroom before and after it was shipped to a customer. 

Real-time responsiveness
Oldcastle can run reports based in real-time on all the data they collected within their mobile forms, like inspection start and stop time. This live data allows management to determine which processes or teams are not working effectively and address the issue immediately.

Optimized trend analysis
Using data collected with GoFormz, Oldcastle management ran real-time reports and identified a wasteful step in their production phase, allowing them to quickly addressed the issue. 

Simplified collaboration
Oldcastle uses the GoFormz-Box integration for all document storage, sharing, and collaboration. This means that quality control documents completed by factory workers were available to project managers in real-time.

GoFormz makes our quality control process simpler and smoother. Our production workers are actually completing the required documentation on time, and we’re able to use the data to save costs.
— Parimal Shukla, Manufacturing Engineer, Oldcastle