Increase Operational Visibility with GoFormz

Real time reports improve operational insights

Leveraging mobile forms means more than simply digitizing your paper forms. To fully leverage the power of mobile forms means collected data is implemented and assessed in a timely, effective manner — resulting in improved insights and increased operational visibility. With GoFormz, this can be achieved through the automatic routing of real-time data, instant reporting and rich, new data types. 

Improving operational visibility can strengthen your business in a number of ways: 

  • Properly assess and align goals and performance
    Isolated, missing or incorrect data can lead to poorly defined goals and expectations. With timely, accurate, digital data, performance expectations can be more realistically (and seamlessly) structured and tracked, across an operation. 
  • Identifying obstacles to efficiency and goals
    With more thorough, detailed reporting and reliable data, detrimental or costly practices can be actively identified and addressed. For example, inefficiencies (like time consuming warehouse practices, or a costly error in budgeting) presented by operational data can be immediately resolved once identified. 
  • Automation and instantaneous data result in real-time improvements
    Digital data allows for streamlined efficiencies that simply cannot be achieved via manual tools like paper. Once submitted, data can be instantly routed to integrated apps (e.g. CRMs, HR programs and more) and real-time reports, resulting in more timely, relevant data. Real-time data allows for more meaningful insights and increased business agility. For example, if a workflow hindrance were identified via real-time reporting, users can more quickly address and resolve the responsible issue. 
  • Implementing changes/solutions
    Finally, any changes or solutions put into practice can be seamlessly and efficiently tracked, monitored and maintained. 

“GoFormz gives us the ability to aggregate and analyze data we collect from inspections and evaluations. The insight we’ve gleaned is invaluable to our business…” - Andy Van Slett, Global Director of Service, Avanti