Integrate GoFormz with Other Applications to Streamline Your Business

GoFormz Integrations

When you use GoFormz to fill out your forms and documents in the office or out in the field, data and forms are stored electronically in our secure Cloud-based platform. This means that you can easily retrieve and review the documents, run reports on the data, and automate your workflows. This also empowers you to connect your form and document data with other applications and systems that you use.

With our API and partner integrations, customers can integrate GoFormz with their other business systems like Quickbase, Salesforce and (to name a few). This improves data consistency across your business, accelerates critical processes like billing cycles and invoicing, and ensures that the right data is available throughout the various departments of a company. 

Here are some common customer use cases of GoFormz integrations:

  • Pre-populate forms with data from other systems: e.g. automatically pull known customer details from your CRM and load them into a form.
  • Route, share and store your forms in other systems as part of customer (or other) records.
  • Integrated workflows: streamline end-to-end workflows by connecting GoFormz to hundreds of applications. This will also help you better organize and prioritize day to day jobs.
  • Share information with others: Post PDFs and data collected from forms to third-party applications like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, to share information with partners, suppliers and vendors. This can also be used to give customers a bird's eye view of projects in-progress.

To learn more about getting started with integrations visit our Developer Hub to learn about our API or checkout our Partners page.