ProTip Basics: What is a Form Template?

Our Form Templates are the basic building blocks for creating forms that you fill out on a mobile device like an iPad or phone. When getting started with GoFormz, one of the first concepts to understand is, “What is a Form Template?” 

The answer is quite simple!

“A Form Template is a master version of your form. You create it by uploading either a PDF or .jpg into the GoFormz Template Editor. Make your Form Template interactive by adding fields like Text, Date, and Image fields. Once a Form Template has been built, you can generate individual forms from it and fill out each one on your mobile device (or computer).”

Terminology Note: ‘You fill out Forms, not Templates’ 


Another way of thinking about this concept is to imagine a Form Template as a stencil for Forms. For example, say you have a stencil of a tree. You use this stencil to draw the outline of a tree on a piece of paper, and then add details such as branches and leaves. That piece of paper is like what an individual Form is in GoFormz. In other words, the tree outline (Form Template) will always be the same, but you create a new unique instance (a Form) every time you use it.


Now that you understand what a Form Template is, go build your own!