How Mobile Agriculture Forms Improve Communication & Animal Welfare

Prestage Farms, a pork and poultry production operation, uses GoFormz to improve their company wide communications and animal wellbeing. 

Mobile agriculture forms improve communication

Prestage Farms maintains not only their own farms, production facilities and warehouses, but also employs independent farmers to raise Prestage animals. The widespread nature of Prestage’s operation made it difficult to capture and deliver data using manual tools like paper forms (which needed to be brought along, filled out and then delivered to Prestage offices). 

It was a lot of paper, it was a lot of writing, it was a lot of gas spent bringing the information back in.
— Bradley Faircloth, Information Technology, Prestage Farms

These manual resources resulted in troublesome, costly delays. For example, when completing farm inspections, if Prestage personnel encountered a sick animal, they would need to relay this information manually. This process was time consuming and needed to be optimized to improve the delivery of such time sensitive information. 

Using GoFormz to digitize their forms, Prestage Farms can now capture and route information in real-time. Now when an animal is sick, information can be instantly delivered to a Prestage veterinarian, who can then address the situation as soon as possible. 

If there’s something wrong with an animal, the person doesn’t even have to think about it. All they have to do is complete the service report they were going to do anyway and the vet will know about it. They’re not only going to know it instantaneously, but they’re going to get a copy of that Service Report and start working on it.
— Bradley Faircloth, Information Technology, Prestage Farms

This automated simplicity not only improves Prestage’s communication, but also each animal’s quality of life. 

The quick response time we have because of GoFormz, saves us in production [costs] which in turn makes us more profitable...
— Bradley Faircloth, Information Technology, Prestage Farms

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