ProTip: Auto-Upload Forms to Box

Simplify form storage and organization by automatically uploading PDFs of your forms to a Box account using Triggers (e.g. when a form is completed). Using Box, you can not only centralize your operation’s record-keeping, but also improve form accessibility (access your uploaded PDFs anywhere, anytime) and reduce physical storage demands (like filing cabinets, administrative time and more). 

Please note: Before you can set up your automated Box workflow, you must first activate the GoFormz-Box integration by connecting your GoFormz account to your Box account. Click here to learn how.

Here’s how you can enable your own Automated Workflow to instantly upload PDFs of your completed forms to Box: 

Automate mobile forms actions like uploading a PDF to box using the Manage Events Window
  1. Login to your GoFormz account at

  2. Open you Template in the Template Editor

  3. Click ‘Manage Events’ (upper right-hand corner)

  4. The Manage Template Events window will load

  5. Either click ‘Add Trigger’ or select an existing Trigger (your Trigger will prompt the Automated Workflow)

  6. In the ‘When This Happens Section’ select your User and Trigger

    • Your User is the User or Group who prompts the workflow

    • The Trigger is the event that will prompt the workflow

  7. Under ‘Do the Following’ select ‘Save to Box

  8. Click the Select button next to the Root folder field and choose the Box folder that will be at the root of your folder hierarchy for this template

  9. Now select the Destination folder, which is the subfolder where your forms should be saved (if this field is left blank, your forms will be saved directly in the root folder)

    • This field supports GoFormz variables (variables allow you to use form inputs to name the folder where your forms are stored)

  10. Select which form pages should appear in the PDF that is uploaded to Box (default is ‘All’)

  11. If you’d like Box to associate metadata with your form PDF, click here to learn how

  12. Click ‘Save Changes’ in both the Manage Events window and Template Editor

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