From Procore's 'Jobsite': GoFormz CEO Weighs In On Job Site Safety

Procore, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction, recently asked GoFormz CEO, Rob Brewster, to share his thoughts on job site safety and the importance of Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Having worked directly with GoFormz’s thriving construction user base, Rob shared some of the most common safety misconceptions and important JSA practices, gleaned from GoFormz users.

Here’s what Rob had to say (to read the full Procore ‘Jobsite’ article, click here or the button below):

On common JSA misconceptions
”One of the most common job safety analysis misconceptions is that JSA procedures, and safety in general, are a separate part of the job. In actuality, job safety analysis exists to integrate safety into every aspect of a job. Enforcing procedures and process compliance via mandatory yet intuitive documentation is critical. No matter your role or title, safety is paramount to a successful construction team.”

On the importance of JSAs and documenting workplace safety
“JSAs improve worker safety in countless ways, but most importantly, the process reminds onsite teams of the hazards they encounter daily but might otherwise disregard. This also applies to the procedures put in place to address these hazards, which field teams might not have understood or even know about prior to the JSA exercise. Documenting these procedures digitally helps promote compliance and job safety awareness.”

On what benefits to expect from a well crafted JSA
“From interacting with our construction customers, hands down the greatest benefit of a well-designed JSA is communication. Crafting an effective JSA requires not only thorough observation of specific work procedures and the hazards involved, it also encourages supervisors, safety committees, and onsite teams to work together and understand the risks involved in a job that they might not have considered before.”

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