Streamline Safety Data Collection With Mobile Forms

Nothing is more important than keeping your team safe on the job. 

Workplace safety is a multifaceted and ever-evolving effort, requiring regular assessment, frequent optimization and operational transparency. Unfortunately, many businesses formulate their safety procedures using out of date, isolated data... leading to cumbersome, time consuming safety protocols, dangerous human error and frequent miscommunication. 

Mobile forms help keep your team safe

When developing OSHA compliant Job Safety Analysis forms, it’s important to consider a platform or solution that provides timely, accessible data, while simultaneously reducing opportunities for human error and miscommunications. Additionally, it is vital that the platform selected not only allows for the frequent optimization of safety data collection, but also provides compelling insights that help drive opportunities for strategic, impactful change.

GoFormz mobile forms meet all of your job safety needs. With instantaneous data, real-time reports and contextual, visual data types, it’s easy to collect accurate, timely data. Read through these fields, features and forms to learn how GoFormz can elevate your safety data collection, and help keep your team safe: 



  • Required fields
    Ensure crucial job site safety data is captured before work begins.
  • Signatures
    Quickly capture safety documentation approvals, and record who signed-off on safety forms, for simplified recall and review.
  • Images, annotations & maps
    Bring your safety form data to life with Image, Sketch and Map fields. Quickly add job site hazard images, GPS coordinates and more. 
  • Data sources
    Simplify data entry and remove opportunities for human error, by filling Drop Downs with previously captured, accurate data. Corresponding fields can be instantly populated, once a Data Source option has been selected from the Drop Down


  • Automated workflows
    Automate daily tasks to simplify processing, and ensure your work gets done. E.g. Instantly send copies of completed safety documents to team supervisors and the back office (removing the need to hand deliver documents, and getting you back to work faster). 
  • Real-time reporting
    Analyze and implement your safety data faster, with real-time reporting and scheduled, custom reports. Identify safety data trends to better equip and prepare your teams. 
  • Dynamic Field Properties
    Guide user safety data input with the ability to change the background color, Required status and visibility of fields, based on specific data input.
  • Simplified sharing
    Rapidly share completed safety documents to key-players, expediting safety form processing and improving response times. 

Interested in learning more about GoFormz for mobile teams? Check out this quick video, and discover the benefits of GoFormz mobile forms.