Job Safety Analysis Forms

Reducing workplace hazards requires more than simply wearing a harness or on-site signage. Ensuring sustainable safety precautions requires a marriage of jobsite education and proper, accessible documentation. An OSHA approved, frequent approach to workplace safety is the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process, which tackles workplace safety step by step –– working to mesh industry accepted health and safety practices with the daily action items of a business. 

Job Safety Analysis Forms supplement safety procedures

JSA procedures view safety precautions as an essential part of any workplace. To complete a JSA and develop the accompanying comprehensive documentation, businesses must first observe workplace tasks, documenting each step, assess the hazards involved and how they can best be prevented. 

This process is generally completed with the assistance of a JSA form, broken into columns noting the: 

  • Task (an action item that must be completed, e.g. ‘Enter Vehicle’)
  • Potential Hazards associated with Task (e.g. ‘Vehicle not in park’)
  • Preventative Actions (e.g. ‘Check parking brake before entering’)

Additional information generally included: 

  • Specific Job (associated with the practice)
  • Details of who completed, reviewed and approved the analysis
  • Date
  • Participant Signatures

For JSA’s to be effective, they must be made available to any worker associate with the task –– for this reason, using GoFormz mobile forms to complete JSA’s is a no brainer. JSA’s completed via the GoFormz app can be rapidly filled out, quickly submitted and instantly available to involved parties, and easily accessed whenever necessary. 

Some fields to consider including within your JSA, are: 

  • Signature Fields: To capture the approvals of reviewers and supervisors
  • Tables: To list Tasks, Hazards and Preventive Actions
  • Date Field: To record when a JSA was completed
  • GPS: To ensure assessors visited the job site in question
  • Company/Department Contact Fields: Supervisor Phone Numbers, Emails, etc.
  • Text Field: For additional or contextual notes regarding the assessment

JSA’s are often put off or neglected due to the time requirements and precision required of the process. With GoFormz mobile forms, however, the process becomes seamless, quality assured and easy to reference. 

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