ProTip: Annotate Frequently Used Diagrams With Sketch Fields

Easily sketch over regularly used diagrams, embedded in your mobile forms. For example, this aviation inspection form featuring a Sketch field on an engine diagram

Often times, teams will leverage the same diagram within their daily forms, allowing for quick annotations of project details, hazards or changes. For example, if an aviation inspection team were to inspect jet engines during their day-to-day routine, including a standard diagram of said engine to be annotated, would simplify the inspection process. 

This use case can be applied to nearly every industry, providing the opportunity for a variety of teams to effortlessly bring visual context to their data collection. Outlined below are the steps you can take to annotate diagrams within your own mobile forms. 

Adding a Sketch field to your diagram:

  1. When designing the form you wish to digitize, ensure that the diagram you wish to use in your Template, is included in the original file to uploaded
  2. Login to the GoFormz web app (from a computer) and upload or open your form in the Template Editor
  3. From the left hand side of the Template Editor, locate the Sketch field
  4. Drag-and-drop the Sketch field onto the diagram in your Template
  5. Adjust your Sketch field by clicking and dragging your cursor, over the areas of the diagram you would like the ability to annotate (for example, you can adjust your Sketch field to cover the entirety of a diagram, or simply one area)
  6. Click 'Save'
Drag and drop your Sketch field onto your diagram, and resize using your cursor

Using a Sketch field to annotate your diagram:

  1. Login to the GoFormz mobile or web app
  2. Create a new Form by selecting the Template you wish to fill out (if you're unsure of the difference between a Form and Template, click here to learn more
  3. Tap on the Sketch field
  4. Sketch or apply Indicator Arrows to your diagram
  5. Click 'Done' - your annotations will now appear on the diagram
  6. 'Save' or 'Complete' your Form
To annotate your diagram using sketch vi

You will notice that when you create a new Form using the same Template, the diagram will remain, but the sketches will only appear in your previous Form – allowing your team to annotate the same diagram across a variety of projects, without needing to upload the same Image every time.