ProTip: Configure Your Form to Share Specific Pages

Using GoFormz print configurations, form creators and administrators can streamline the way teams save and share their mobile forms. For example, client-facing teams might have a form containing multiple pages, only three of which can be shared externally. Using print configuration options, you can define which pages are to be emailed to a client, which should be saved as a PDF and much more – faster!

Print configurations are set separately for each template, using the Print Config Window (pictured below).

Enable print configurations to streamline your sharing selections

To access the Print Config window, complete the following:

  1. Login to GoFormz from a computer.

  2. Open your Template in the Template Editor.

  3. In the Template Editor, select the settings icon and select Print Configs.

  4. The Print Config Window allows you to add, remove, or edit your print configurations:

    • To add a new configuration: Click the Add button at the top, and edit the new configuration that appears.

    • To edit an existing configuration: Click on the configuration name and enter your desired name. Type in comma-separated page numbers and ranges in the Pages field. For instance "1-3,6,8-10" would mean that pages 1 through 3, page 6, and pages 8 through 10 are selected.

    • To delete a configuration: Click the configuration that you wish to delete, then click the Delete button at the top.

  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the Print Config Window dialog.

  6. Click Save Changes at the top of the Template Editor.

Now, when sharing a form with print configurations, selecting your desired page range is far simpler. Rather than needing to identify which pages are to be shared and type them in each time, your print configurations allow you to merely tap an option (see below).

Print Config options in the mobile app

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