ProTip: Work Faster With Digital Signature Capture

I cannot stress enough the importance of the multi-touch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!
— President, Arixio

Relying on paper forms to capture signatures wastes time, risks data loss and does not enforce vitally important business procedures. Fortunately, the issue of paper-based signatures is easily resolved using mobile forms and digital Signature capture.

Efficient and reliable signature capture is a priority for many businesses looking to invest in a digital solution. For some, the question of signature capture encompasses more than your average autograph, meaning a fillable PDF or mere signature capture app would not do.

We needed multi-touch signatures on various forms. We also needed the forms to reset and/or automatically save progress, and in some cases, for completed forms to be sent via email - sometimes to various recipients - and in other cases, to be synced to the cloud.
— President, Arixio

Using GoFormz, Arixio (a cloud computing and hardware company) managed to refine and streamline their digital Signature capture workflow, in-tandem with their other various data capture needs. GoFormz solved Arixio’s signature problem, allowing for the inclusion of as many Signature fields as needed on a single document, in addition to allowing for collaboration. Now, Arixio employees can sign-off on the document without having to wait for other teammates. Additionally, once a form is completed, GoFormz automatically emails a copy of the form to appropriate recipients and a copy is saved to a cloud storage database.

By including digital Signature boxes in your mobile forms, authorizations, sales opportunities and inspections can be completed more rapidly and thoroughly. Using Dynamic Field Properties, digital Signature boxes can be made Required, guaranteeing a Signature field is filled before a form can be completed.

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