ProTip: Replicating Field Data In Your Template

select 'Template fields' for an alphabetical list of fields already in your template

When you would like the data entered in one field to automatically be populated in another field(s) within the same Form, use our Replicating feature. It creates another instance of the same field, so they will always mirror each other. Replicating a field is a fantastic way to expedite data entry and save time if a Form needs to show the same data across multiple fields. 

Here’s how you can replicate a field: 

  1. In the Template Editor, drag-and-drop the field you’ll be replicating from the Add New Fields panel (on the left hand side of the Template Editor window)
  2. At the bottom of the Add New Fields panel, select the ‘Template Fields’ option - this will display an alphabetical list of the fields already added to your Template
  3. Locate the field you wish to replicate and drag it onto your desired location.
    This creates another instance of that field, with the same field name and properties, wherever you place it.
  4. Click ‘Save Changes

Your two fields will now display identical information when the original field is completed. Here’s a quick, video walkthrough of creating Replicate fields within your Form Template.

Looking to further simplify your business' data entry? Learn to pre-populate Form fields with current User information. Click below to watch a quick, instructional video.