How a Petroleum Company Saves $350K Annually

[GoFormz] saves us around $350,000 a year… it has allowed us to get more sales and work, without hiring more people.
— Peter Burton, Systems Analyst

Yep, you read that correctly. An Australian petroleum company saves $350,000 a year with mobile forms and automated tasks. No matter your company size, that’s an impactful, noteworthy savings. 

So how exactly did digital, automated features empower this petroleum company to transform their traditional workflows into real-time data workhorses? Let’s walk through each of the time saving features used (that you can implement today!): 

How a petrol company saved $350,000 annually with mobile forms

Pre-filled information (Data Sources)
Businesses who rely on paper forms are burdened by a plethora of additional manual chores — delivering forms, rekeying data, filing documents and correcting errors, to name a few. Digital forms remove a large number of these obstacles with real-time, Cloud based data. One of the ways this digital advantage can be harnessed to optimize your data entry workflow, is through the use of Data Sources. 

Data Sources are collections of data that can be used to Pre-Populate (pre-fill) fields and filter options. Data Sources can be referenced by form fields to provide a powerful way to simplify data capture and increase accuracy. 

In the petroleum use case references above, data sources were leveraged to expedite the completion of field field data, without sacrificing accuracy. For example, if a technician were to select their ‘employee name’ from a drop down, their corresponding ‘employee license number’ would then be automatically filled. For petrol assets, this means a model number could be selected, and the asset’s serial number and other relevant details, would then be instantly filled. 

Automated routing to business apps & key-players
Working with digitized data and documents means information can be routed to the places and people that need it most... instantly! For example, with customizable Triggered Events, forms can be enabled to send a copy of the completed document to an email address entered into a specific field. This ‘instantaneous’ capability also extends to other form actions, like instant uploads to integrated platforms, instantly Tagging a form with a technician’s name and more. 

In the petroleum use case cited above, when a technician enters a job number within their form, the completed form is then sent to a designated email address. The document is then attached to its corresponding job number within the particular, connected business system.

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