[Register Now] Webinar: Top Use Cases for Construction Mobile Forms

Construction teams around the globe rely on GoFormz mobile forms to capture and deliver critical field data, resulting in incredible time and money savings.

I would say that moving to an electronic format is a no-brainer for any company that wants to improve their efficiency, create more professional-looking documents and reduce time wasted on completing forms.
— Peter Byrne, Quality/Environmental Manager, Roadbridge

Ready to explore how your construction business can benefit from capturing data digitally? Tune in to our live webinar, ‘Top Use Cases for Construction Mobile Forms’, during which we will discuss:

  • How digital forms modernize operations & reduce administrative demands

  • The ways Automated Calculations increase accuracy (and save time)

  • Reasons to include project Images in forms (with Sketches and comments)

  • How forms standardize and consolidate documentation

  • The benefits of instantly submitting forms to the office from the field

  • Reducing administrative overhead via routing forms to integrated applications

  • Improving quality control & assurance with real-time data from job sites

The webinar will take place March 28, 11am PST – attendance is limited, save your spot today! Click below to register now and download our accompanying eBook to learn more.