Standardize and Consolidate Your Documents With Mobile Forms

Managing paper documentation across numerous business locations can be daunting. Providing the physical supplies and storage to manage paper forms is costly, and the forms themselves risk frequent human error and damage. Adding to these burdens is the overwhelming administrative work and time needed to process these forms. So why do businesses continue to invest in and rely on paper forms? Many companies simply do not know that alternatives to paper forms exist or are reluctant to adopt a digital alternative.

Mobile forms are a game-changer. Not only is it easy to create identical, digital versions of your existing paper forms, but they are easy to use and even easier to organize. The streamlined, automated nature of mobile forms and digital data collection helps teams effortlessly consolidate their documents. With uniform, centralized forms, businesses can more seamlessly support operational growth across various locations. For example, Team Murph, a Domino’s Pizza franchise, experienced an exciting expansion from 43 to 70 franchise locations within a very short period of time. As Team Murph onboarded new employees, they struggled with missing and incomplete forms. Using mobile forms, Team Murph quickly experienced an influx in data across every location.

I was shocked to see that after implementing GoFormz, we had 2x the amount of data coming in because of the conditional logic we included in the forms, not allowing the managers to press save until all the answers were filled in.
— Jenifer Colbenson, Training Director, Team Murph

Centralized forms also reduced administrative time spent locating and processing forms. Rather than hunting for a specific paper form, users can simply search for their form or utilize organizational tools like Tags to locate their documents faster.

Mobile forms also help teams standardize their documentation. Often, when managing several business locations, teams grapple with the frustrations of irregular documents. For example, if a business uses Safety Checklists across each of their locations, they may notice a critical step in the safety procedure is missing from one location’s document, jeopardizing compliance and team safety.

Irregular documentation also risks your operation’s professionalism, client relations and opportunities to collaborate with larger entities. When working with government agencies and larger clients, it is expected that documentation is standardized across each location. When DESHAZO, an overhead crane installation and service business, welcomed new locations across the country, they began to notice irregularities in their forms from location-to-location. To remedy this issue, DESHAZO digitized their forms with GoFormz, so that their staff could simply generate a form using a mobile form Template. This process ensures mobile forms and branding are consistent company-wide.

...we want those service tickets, those inspection reports, those deliverables to be consistent across the board at each of our customer facilities, we weren’t able to do that with paper-based, locally printed forms.
— Tray Ivey, President, DESHAZO Service Group

Digitally standardizing and consolidating forms provides countless benefits. When using the same mobile form Template across each location, teams can leverage digital features, like Data Sources and Drop Downs, to select a client or project name and instantly populate relevant fields. These dynamic, digital features not only streamline data entry, but also increase accuracy. Mobile forms also present a more uniform, professional client experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

To learn more about what mobile forms can accomplish for your business, explore our free white paper, The Five Phases of Digital Transformation.