Simplify Vehicle Maintenance With Mobile Fleet Management Forms

Maintaining your fleet of vehicles can be expensive and overwhelming, often due to the high costs of fleet management software, ever-changing rules of compliance and reliance upon driver proactivity. So how can your fleet management team improve fleet maintenance without breaking the bank or exhausting your staff? Mobile fleet management forms simplify vehicle maintenance through dynamic, digital features, which streamline the collection and sharing of information.

Mobile fleet management forms require no code, no IT support and no frustrating on-boarding. Because mobile fleet management forms can look exactly like your existing paper forms, your team can rapidly adapt to a digital platform within an interface they already know. Leveraging real-time data and seamless integrations, mobile forms and data can be instantly routed to the back-office, other drivers and connected platforms (like Salesforce, ServiceMax, SmartSheet, Box and many more). With offline capabilities, drivers can even complete mobile fleet management forms in remote locations with no signal and upload their documents and data once a signal becomes available.

Mobile forms drastically simplify fleet management and vehicle maintenance

The incredible efficiencies achieved via mobile forms not only helps fleet management teams and drivers work faster, but also more accurately and safely. Using Dynamic Field Properties, form fields can be made Required, ensuring the capture of critical data and approvals, before a form can be submitted – simplifying compliance.

So what mobile fleet management forms can help optimize your team’s fleet maintenance? Here are two examples of how mobile forms will transform your vehicle upkeep:

Keep your fleet healthy with mobile Preventative Maintenance forms
Helping your fleet of vehicles stay “healthy” may not be as simple as an “apple a day”, but can be as easy as smart, mobile Preventative Maintenance forms. Using mobile forms to complete preventative maintenance procedures helps your team remain proactive and vigilant when detailing the status and deficiencies of key vehicle parts.

One of the most useful digital features to include in your Preventative Maintenance forms are Image and Sketch fields. When digitizing your form, a document can be uploaded with a diagram of a specific vehicle, which can then be annotated using a Sketch field to highlight areas of concern. Similarly, Image fields can be used to document damage and concerns, straight from a user’s mobile device.

If an inspector were to select a Checkbox signifying a vehicle part needed to be replaced, a hidden field could be made visible (using Dynamic Field Properties) prompting the user to input additional information, and the form could even be routed to a garage contact for immediate review.

Simplify compliance with Pre & Post Drive Checklists
Keeping your team and vehicles compliant is critical and made far simpler with mobile forms. Pre & Post Drive Checklists can be rapidly completed using Checkbox Groups, noting specific procedures have been completed and compliance measures have been met. Mobile fleet management checklists can even be equipped with Drop Down menus pre-filled with project and vehicle types, which once selected instantly display un-editable procedure details.

These mobile forms can also be outfitted with Required Signature fields, ensuring critical compliance authorizations have been input before a driver can submit their form. Once a form has been submitted, it can then be automatically routed to supervisors, teammates and even used to automatically update other platforms, databases and spreadsheets. Submitted mobile fleet management forms can also be instantly Tagged with a driver’s name, customer or project name and more, and instantly uploaded to a record based on data input into the form – drastically streamlining record-keeping and form location.

Automating vehicle maintenance and fleet management tasks
Automating your fleet management form sharing and processing results in significant time savings and a more proactive, agile team. For example, completed deliveries signified by the completion of an authorized Bill of Lading, could Trigger the automatic routing of a PDF copy of the form, along with a copy of the final Invoice. This not only streamlines client and third-party communication, but also expedites billing cycles. There are a variety of tasks your team can automate to simplify fleet maintenance, including:

  • Dispatching pre-filled inspections to drivers

  • Instantly updating or creating records, dependent on input form data

  • Scheduled reports

  • Automatic sharing of form copies with customers and partners

... and so many more

To learn more, download our eBook, 4 Mobile Forms for Transportation & Logistics, or visit our customer case studies.