Spotlight Feature: The GoFormz Form Filter Tool

The GoFormz Form Filter Tool is a powerful option to use when trying to locate a form or group of forms, especially when a user can have hundreds and even thousands of forms in their account. Simply scrolling through all your forms to find a specific one is not an efficient method.

Launch GoFormz Form Filter Tool

To launch the GoFormz Form Filter Tool, navigate to the forms tab within your GoFormz Account.

GoFormz forms tab

On the right side of the screen locate the filter button between 'Time Range' and the search field.

filter button

Click the filter button and that will launch the filter tool.

filter tool on forms page


Filter Options

Within the tool you can filter by Form Status, Owner, or Tags.

all filter options

Form Status Filter Option

Filtering by form status means you can apply a filter to show only forms that are either currently in their draft stage or forms that are completed.

form status option

Owner Filter Option

Filtering by owner allows you to see forms created by specific members of your team.

owner option

Tags Filter Option

Filtering by Tags means that you can see forms that have a specific tag associated with them.

tags filter option


Applying Filters

To apply filters, select the different options then click on the [Apply Filter] button. Note, you are not limited to one filter option, you can apply a mix of the three filtering options. For example, you can apply filter to show all completed forms by a specific user with specific tag.

filters used

Once you click the [Apply Filter] button, only the forms that meet your criteria will remain on your screen.

filters applied

Notice the Filters Applied section above your forms:

clear all option 1

This will remind you of the current filter you have in place.


Clear Filters

To clear the filter, click 'Clear All' either next to the Filters Applied Section above your forms or inside of the GoFormz Filter Tool when it is opened.

clear filters option 2

Don't waste valuable time searching for a specific form, use the GoFormz Filter tool to simplify and speed up this process.