Time Saving GoFormz Features

When you use paper forms you can regularly expect to battle human error, incomplete documents, unreadable handwriting and miscommunication—all of which delays processing and slows you down. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Sidestep delays with smart, versatile mobile forms. GoFormz arms your team with a complete toolbox of efficiency features. From streamlined workflows to data accuracy, your business will work faster and run smoother with modernized, digital documentation.

Ready to elevate your productivity? Check out these powerful, time saving GoFormz features:

Smart Fields
Smart fields were developed to make your life easier. With dynamic elements like automatic calculations, workflow rules and required fields, forms become easier to complete and all the more accurate. This means no more manual math, improved data accuracy and totally completed paperwork—always.

Conditional Logic
Enable GoFormz to complete your busy work. Using conditional logic, based on what is entered in one field, you form can instantly populate multiple fields with corresponding values. You can also enforce business rules by making fields conditionally required, or even hidden, based on specific values entered in your form fields.

Conditional logic allows your mobile forms to populate corresponding fields.

An example use case for conditional logic would be entering the name of a business in one field, and the form instantly providing the corresponding address and phone number. This means no more hunting through your rolodex for contact information—your mobile forms will do that for you. 

Automated Routing
Manual handoffs are outdated—a waste of time and budget. Fortunately, with GoFormz, manual handoffs can be easily avoided with automated routing. Easily implement workflows and triggers, enabling your forms to automatically route copies of a form to key-players. Eliminating manual handoffs means faster processing and approvals, and less time spent transporting documents to and from the locations of form recipients.

One of our favorite automated routing use cases comes from SiteMix, a concrete producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Before GoFormz, SiteMix relied upon handwritten tickets, which required manual delivery—a costly and time consuming practice. Now, SiteMix delivery tickets are automatically routed back to their GoFormz account, allowing instant access to ticket data, streamlined record-keeping and significant financial savings. 

Integrate your mobile forms with other critical business systems using the GoFormz API.

Critical Business Systems Integrations
At GoFormz, we recognize that your operation leverages a variety of programs and apps. With our strategic technology partners and accommodating API, GoFormz fits into your workflows without causing disruption. The freedom to integrate GoFormz with your other critical business systems means streamlining your workflows end-to-end — collecting information using GoFormz mobile forms, and distributing the resulting data across a variety of apps and programs.

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