Spotlight Form: The Digital Job Site Incident Report

No matter how thorough your Job Safety Analysis or pre-work safety inspections may be, accidents happen – they just do! Onsite accidents and illnesses are a reality of the workplace, making the proper documentation of such incidents an absolute priority for every business.

Relying on paper forms to document onsite incidents and illnesses risks delays, reporting errors, and threats to compliance. Using digital Job Site Incident Reports allows onsite personnel to rapidly capture the details of an incident, and instantly route the document to supervisors, HR or safety teams. These real-time capabilities allow your team to focus on the incident at hand, rather than struggling with frustrating paperwork.

Digital Job Site Incident Reports empower your team to quickly generate a form, pre-populate project details and efficiently capture incident information. When a mobile form is generated in the GoFormz app, user information can be instantly populated into fields, such as their name, contact information, supervisor, date and more. Digital Job Site Incident Reports can also rapidly capture new data types, like Images, GPS, and digital Signatures. Using these new data types onsite teams can easily input photos of hazards, job site locations, and employee signatures – rather than needing additional equipment or attachments to gather contextual details.

To learn more, check out the digital Job Site Incident Report and key features below.

The digital job site incident report

Key fields & features

Database fields - Instantly fill fields with Data Source information, expediting form completion and improving data accuracy.
Text fields - Prompt (and even require) users to include descriptions of incidents, project hazards, and actions taken.
GPS - Include incident location data, both coordinates and Maps, with just a tap.
Checkbox Groups - Limit users to one Checkbox selection, simplifying and streamlining the completion of specific report questions.

The digital job site incident report keeps your team safe and compliant.

Images - Rapidly input incident Images and annotate photos to highlight hazards, equipment issues, and more.
Digital Signature boxes - Capture the signatures of employees involved in onsite incidents. Make Signature fields Required, ensuring all forms are authorized prior to submission.
Automated email routing - Once a form is completed, utilize an Automated Workflow to instantly route document copies to employees involved, supervisors, HR, safety committees and more.

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