Strengthen Work Zone Safety With Mobile Forms

No matter the project, diligent, effective work zone safety is essential for any roadside team. Ensuring work zone safety is properly enforced, however, can be difficult, especially when relying on paper forms to deliver critical job-site information. For example, paper forms are not only cumbersome and frustrating to keep track of, but can also be easily damaged by poor weather conditions and frequent relocation.

To better manage roadside safety and increase job-site transparency, many field teams have turned to digital forms that can be used on phones and tablets. This is accomplished through a variety of dynamic, digital fields, hosted within mobile forms that look exactly like a user’s existing forms collection.

Here are just a few of the ways mobile forms can help improve your work zone safety:

  • Easily capture onsite hazards & details with new data types
    Filling out forms from a mobile device provides a plethora of advantages to end users, including that ability to include visual fields like Images and Sketches. Using a device’s camera, users can easily input pictures of roadside hazards, traffic signage and more, and add annotations to highlight important details. This capability is incredibly important when working to increase job-site transparency – visual fields help add context to information that might otherwise be difficult to communicate via paperwork.

  • Instantly route onsite data to the back-office
    When it comes to ensuring your teams safety, time is of the essence. If a hazard, injury or accident does occur, it is crucial that information regarding the incident is relayed as quickly as possible. Using mobile forms, field teams can rapidly and thoroughly record incident details and route them in real-time to their back-office counterparts. Once a form is completed, entered data is instantaneously available for processing and review. This not only means that onsite personnel can complete incident paperwork faster, but also empower their back-office colleagues to respond to developing situations more expediently.

  • Seamlessly enrich your other business systems with onsite data
    More timely, accurate data allows your team to better understand the effectiveness of work zone safety procedures. By connecting your mobile forms to your other business applications (like ServiceMax, Tableau, Google Drive and more) field teams can capture work zone data and immediately sync it to relevant platforms. This not only means more frequent, thorough data sharing between your applications, but also increases transparency and business insight.

Looking for ideas on what specific mobile forms can help keep you team safe? Check out our ‘5 Essential Forms for Job Safety’ eBook to learn more.