Improving Customer Service With Mobile Forms

A positive customer experience is of paramount importance for any successful business. Many customer-centric operations, however, complicate their client experience with unprofessional, analog tools. A frequent offender: paper forms.

Paper forms are a staple of outdated customer relations. Consider the lifecycle of tangible documents, passed from person to person, marred by messy handwriting and vulnerable to damage. Customer-facing documents (like Quotes, Work Orders and Invoices) are rarely prioritized or optimized, despite acting as a crucial medium for communication and securing repeat business.

So how can mobile forms bolster your customer service efforts, without burdening your team with extra work? Digitizing your forms collection equips your team to gather and deliver customer information digitally, within an interface they already understand. Similarly, these digital forms look identical to the forms your customers are familiar with using – minus the damage or mistakes.

The benefits don’t stop there, here are a few more ways mobile forms will digitally transform your customers’ experience:

Professional documentation
Present your clients with custom, professional forms. With paper forms, documents are often tarnished by illegible handwriting, inclement weather, coffee spills and other damage. Using mobile forms, your documents and data are not only safe from harm, but also clear and easy to read.
Bonus: Your mobile forms can even host visual fields, like project Images, detailing work completed.

Prompt, thorough communication
Gone are the days of lost forms, forgotten documents and misplaced snail mail. With mobile forms, completed documents can be instantaneously routed to the people and platforms that need them. For example, an Automated Workflow could be enabled to instantly send a copy of a completed customer invoice to a customer email.
Bonus: This workflow can even be made dynamic, dictating that the form should be sent to any email entered into the ‘Customer Email’ field. This grants your team further flexibility and peace of mind.

Increased accuracy
Rather than running back and forth between customers and the back-office to calculate estimates and invoices, instantly generate accurate totals with Automatic Calculations. Automatic Calculations ensure figures presented to customers are always accurate, eliminating opportunities for unprofessional mistakes. Similarly, forms can be equipped with Conditional Logic, ensuring the capture of critical information before a form can be completed – meaning your team collects every signature, authorization or figure needed.

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