Case Study: Ferry Electric Company

Case Study: Ferry Electric Company

Check out how an electrical contracting company implemented GoFormz to improve communication between office personnel and field employees. Armed with GoFormz forms and features (like Dispatching), Ferry Electric Company converted their paper forms to digital, without the need for extensive retraining. 

eBook: 8 Mobile Forms Every Construction and Field Service Company Should Have

This eBook highlights 8 essential mobile forms that every construction and field service company should be using instead of paper forms. Using mobile forms reduces costs, saves time and provides more accurate and better data than paper forms. The forms discussed in this eBook have been identified and scored based on these three key benefits. For each mobile form, there is a corresponding score, highlights of the key drivers of switching from paper to digital, and a brief discourse on how the form itself becomes more beneficial on a mobile device than on paper.


Sneak Peak of what you will learn:

Work Order Form: Complete a work order form on your mobile device to automate calculations and totals. This saves time and captures instant and accurate data. 

  • Data Improvement Score: High
  • Cost Savings Score: Medium
  • Time Saving Score: High

Job Inspection Forms: Using a mobile version of the job inspection form organizes your findings into a centralized framework, making it many times easier to collate and review them than with a paper-­based workflow. 

  • Data Improvement Score: Very High
  • Cost Savings Score: Medium
  • Time Savings Score: Medium


We have templates of these mobile forms for you to use in your GoFormz account for free. If you would like a demo of these mobile forms or to have them added to your account, submit your request here.

To learn more about what GoFormz can do to improve your construction workflow, explore our construction industry solution page.

Top 6 Reasons Why Mobile Forms for Construction Are Changing the Industry

GoFormz is used across many industries in over 170 countries around the world. When companies implement GoFormz mobile forms and reports they see big changes across their businesses - from the field to the back office.  

Here are the top 6 reasons why mobile forms are changing the industry.

1. Availability of new data types like GPS: Automatically record location in your mobile form -saving time and providing more accurate data.

2. Real time data updates: When you save your form, the data is available for review in real time.

3. Faster invoicing: Because data is available from the field in real time, invoice cycles are shorter, and customers pay sooner.

4. Streamlined back office workflow: Eliminating the paper trail reduces the pile up of paper forms in the back office and it makes it easier to find critical data in the future.

5. Easy access to data: Search any piece of data recorded in a form and also run reports. This helps companies make educated and agile business decisions.

6. Jobsite documentation and validation: Include images directly in your forms to document where, when, and what a jobsite looked like before and after work was completed. (You can also point out problem areas by sketching directly on the photos.) This helps many companies avoid conflict when it comes to billing.

Check out our Case Studies to learn more about how some of our customers use GoFormz to modernize their business.


Case Study: Nashville Machine


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INDUSTRY:  Construction



  • HVAC service tickets
  • Weekly timesheets
  • Motor vehicle accidents forms
  • Personal injury on the job report



  • Deep integration with Box allows for more efficient routing and improved accountability
  • Comprehensive data capture improves division’s bottom line
  • Exact replication of legacy paper forms pleases company, manipulating data pleases division
  • Ability to email completed forms to customers is a significant customer service improvement



  • Ability to create electronic forms that look exactly like the original paper forms
  • Improves revenue by capturing previously untracked/undocumented services
  • Enhanced accuracy and improved levels of detail



Mike Rausch, HVAC service field supervisor for Nashville Machine, had an unusual situation: He wanted to modernize his division’s forms, but while maintaining the same formats that they have been using at the company for decades.

Mike explains, “Nashville Machine was established in 1887 by two families. Both families have a very specific way they run their business, and, in my case, how they want the service ticket to look.  GoFormz enabled me to create an exact replica of the paper ticket digitally."

About Nashville Machine

Nashville Machine is a large construction company with multiple divisions. Mike supervises a team of 16 technicians for the company’s Commercial and Industrial HVAC services.

“Our team is scattered across Tennessee,” explains Mike. “Some of my techs come to the shop or proceed directly to the jobsite. Essentially, our work tickets are dispatched daily by email.”

Using GoFormz: Two surprise reveals

Mike used GoFormz to digitize his service tickets. The first form he tackled was their commercial service ticket, a critical form that his team uses multiple times a day. The new mobile form, replicated to match the traditional look and feel the company prefers, was so successful that Mike has digitized most of his division’s go-to forms including: HVAC service ticket, weekly timesheets, business templates, motor vehicle accidents forms, and personal injury on the job forms. One of his favorite GoFormz features is the ability to add sketches and pictures to the forms.

The first thing Mike noticed when transitioning to GoFormz was that his technicians’ accuracy greatly improved. “The technicians are inputting a lot more detail. And though they aren’t all tech savvy, our GoFormz tickets and forms come in always looking great, professional and full of data." 

"It’s been our biggest surprise: We’re receiving much better quality data.”

Another benefit Mike noticed after using GoFormz: capturing lost revenue.

“We’ve picked up a lot of opportunities by shifting to GoFormz,” says Mike. “In the past, technicians might not have written down all of the service charges and requests onto the paper ticket. Now, we have been able to create mandatory pull downs that step the technicians through the form and captures fees and opportunities that might have been missed before.”

Mike adds, “These are all valid charges that should have been on the service tickets, but because technicians were scanning or moving fast to fill out the paper forms, we weren’t capturing that revenue. Now we can charge for every bit of work that is completed on each service call.”

Mike and team fully utilize and benefit the power of the GoFormz and Box integration. When they complete a service ticket via GoFormz, the ticket is automatically placed in the ticket archives and payroll folder for the technicians. The archived tickets allow the technicians to search for previous work performed by customer, equipment, site location or job number. Tickets placed in the weekly payroll folder can be checked against the weekly time sheet and then sent for approval and on to payroll. 

The dispatcher utilizes the Goformz admin console to view tickets, both complete and still in progress. This is a great source for real-time information. This also provides a means to double check and edit ticket content before it is submitted to a customer. Mike can now also see exactly what the tech entered.

“GoFormz delivers more than what was expected and provides us with new levels of insight and accountability.” 

Another benefit: The seamless, multiplatform support

The fact that GoFormz can be used on any platform and device is a big benefit for Mike. “Not having to purchase specific hardware is a huge benefit,” he adds. “I have guys on iPads, Androids, and one on a Surface tablet. GoFormz works beautifully on all of them.”

Another bonus: “Our customers prefer to have their service tickets emailed, which we can now do seamlessly,” says Mike. “GoFormz is one of the best systems our customers and our technicians have ever seen."

As a GoFormz user for more than a year, Mike feels that the quality of data received and the revenue captured has been well worth the time spent to create the forms.

“I am very happy with GoFormz and their customer service support,” says Mike. “GoFormz far exceeds my expectations.”