Essential Features for Construction Management

Mobile forms for construction expedite the data collection process with highly accurate and automatic fields. 

In the rapidly growing construction industry, adaptability is essential for success. As new digital platforms and solutions emerge, it can be difficult to differentiate the key features and qualities that separate truly transformative platforms, from the rest of the pack. 

Below we’ve outlined a few of the features and fields within the GoFormz platform that benefit construction management professionals and their teams. Explore each option for a better understanding of the advantages and security features available in the GoFormz platform, and how they can help your construction operation. 

Automatic Calculations: Frustrated with frequent calculation errors, and time wasted on scribbled job-site math? Automatic calculations within your mobile forms guarantee accurate mathematics, more consistent and legible documentation, along with improved efficiency. With automatic calculations, empower your forms to rapidly crunch the numbers, so your workforce doesn’t have to. 

Electronic Signature Capture: Receive approvals on job proposals, specs and orders with electronic signatures. Capture multiple signatures within one form (without having to worry about signature sequence), allowing for multi-touch project approvals to flow smoothly and progress faster. Instantly access signed paperwork from Cloud storage, to keep team members aware of project milestones and progress. 

the best mobile form fields for construction management

Automatic Routing: Instantly route signed and completed copies of your jobsite forms to customers, managers and third party vendors — keeping project documents available and accessible at all times, for all involved parties. Rapidly progress project timelines with auto-routing, ensuring key-players are informed of project approvals, details and next steps. 

Image & GPS Fields: Enforce quality control procedures and job site safety with increased visibility via Image fields and GPS data coordinates. Harness native device features (like your phone’s camera or location) to capture job site images and location details, to better inform team members of progress or concerns. 

Time Stamps: Capture the exact time and date of completed forms, Signatures or data input with embedded time stamps, allowing management to seamless track construction team progress. 

Bonus Feature — Offline Capabilities: Job sites rarely guarantee a workable signal. With GoFormz, ensure your workforce can capture data and complete construction project documentation with or without a signal

Mobile forms equip your team to work more efficiently and safely. With Images, Timestamps and procedure enforcing fields, ensure your jobsites are following safety procedures — even when managers are away from the job site. With instantly available data and project updates, gain further visibility into construction jobsites, from in the office or on the go. 

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