Understanding the Manage Events Window

Manage Template Events Window Automate Tasks

What is the Manage Events Window
The Manage Events Window acts as your Automated Workflow control panel for a specific Template. Here you can automate tasks, like emailing completed form PDFs to customers, notifying users of completed forms and more. These tasks are automated using Triggers, which prompt a workflow once certain actions have been taken by specified users. 

How do I find the Manage Events Window
To access the Manage Events Window, login to your goformz.com account from a computer. Locate and select the Template you wish to apply automations to. When your Template loads in the Template Editor, click the ‘Manage Events’ button in the upper, right-hand corner. 

What can I automate in the Manage Events Window?
Within the Manage Events Window, you can automate Template specific automations, including emails, Tags, Transfers and uploads to Box.

What are Variables? Why are they helpful?
Variables represent the properties of a form that are not known until the form is filled out. These Variables then allow you to set up dynamic rules for your forms. For example, an Automated Workflow could be designed to email a completed form PDF to a customer email input into an ‘Email’ field. Thus, the form can be sent to different email addresses input into the same Template field on different occassions. 

Key Terms: 
Trigger - Who and what activates a workflow
Transfer - Transfer the form to another user or group
Tag - A ‘keyword’ or descriptor you associate with a Form for record-keeping (e.g. a customer name, technician name, etc.)
Email - Send an email to an email input into a field or addresses of your choosing

To learn to automate actions using the Recipe Workflow model (managed via the Workflow Tab, are not Template specific) click here or the button below.