[White Paper] State of the Industry: Digital Transformation in Field Service & Construction

95% of IT decision-makers responded that ‘going paperless’ is a top initiative over the next 18 months.

We surveyed select IT decision-makers from top field service and construction businesses to ascertain their most common pain points when it comes to collecting and processing information via paper forms. Manual data capture results in a variety of obstacles which hinder efficiency, optimization, and productivity – resulting in costly delays and frequent inaccuracies.

Three field service professionals walking through solar panels

Fortunately, transitioning to a digital forms solution can address these issues while modernizing business operations. In this white paper we explore:

  • Prominent data collection pain points, including data capture and efficiency obstacles

  • Key observations regarding the future of field service, and the necessity of embracing digital advancements

  • How digital tools can optimize field service efficiencies, and save your business significant time and money

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