Announcing GoFormz for Windows!

Exciting news!  Today we’re announcing that we have submitted the GoFormz Mobile App for Windows 8.1 to the Windows Store for approval and general market release.  

The GoFormz Mobile App for Windows is a complete redesign.  While it still has the GoFormz features you know and love, it leverages native controls and design cues from the Windows 8.1 OS, so now you can do things like access native camera controls in image fields, continuously scroll form pages, have a side-by-side workspace with GoFormz and other apps, and even easily cut and paste information between the apps.

Yes, it has been a long time coming and we appreciate your patience.  Now our diehard GoFormz users can leverage their Windows 8.1 tablets, laptops and desktops along with millions of other Windows 8.1 users around the world.

We are thrilled to be adding the Windows platform to our mobile app portfolio.

GoFormz 1.8 is Here!

GoFormz version 1.8 is hot off the press and released for the web, iOS and Android!  This new release delivers a variety of enhancements for smaller organizations and large enterprises alike:

  • Push Notifications.  Our Transfer/Dispatch functionality has been a big hit with our user base.  Now, we deliver push notification messages to a user when they receive a transferred form.  No more guesswork or checking your forms list to see if you have something new!
  • Scheduled ReportsWith GoFormz 1.8 you can now schedule reports to be automatically run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.  You can choose to have the reports run as PDF documents, have the data placed in a .CSV file or both.  And, you can have the report automatically emailed or uploaded to a folder in your account.  Magic?  Not really, but managers, supervisors and other stakeholders who need regular access to critical business information may think so. 
  • GPS Date and Time Stamp.  This new property for our Location field type will overlay a date and time stamp on a map you integrate into your form.  Now you can easily validate where and when you or a team member was working on a form.
  • Default Save Name Utility.  Previously, GoFormz used the template name and the Identifier field to create a default form name when saving the form.  Now you have a simple utility in the template editor allowing you to use any field or combination of fields on your form to create a default save name.  We agree, this is so much easier and more flexible.
  • Send to App Button.  We have streamlined the PDF, email and print process by providing a button on the main form screen to launch your PDF-friendly apps.  Before, you had to tap a few buttons in a sub menu.  Now you have easy access.  Trust us, your “tapping” finger will thank us!
  • Support for Box Sub-Folders.  Now you can automatically store GoFormz documents in any folder in your Box account, not just top-level folders.  Yes, it’s about time.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Support.  We have added Enterprise SSO support in GoFormz 1.8.  All authentication can now be handled in one place – your Active Directory.  Contact us for more information on how to get this configured for your account.

We also want to take this opportunity to let you know that our Public Share capability is now in a public beta release and is being offered free of charge for all users.  Play with it.  Test it.  Give us feedback at 

We are working on some exciting updates to the GoFormz mobile app and can’t wait to reveal it.   Until then, if you have a feature you just can’t live without, you can visit our voting booth ( to submit your request and circulate it among our growing community.  We value your input so that we can constantly improve GoFormz!

And if there is anything further we can provide in the meantime, please let us know at!

Thanks, from your GoFormz Team!

Our partner Box has released a brand new iOS app and has launched a site that features GoFormz as one of the essential apps for enterprise mobility! You can check out their new site here: They’re also giving away 50GBs for life to every user who signs into their new iOS app in the next month! If you don’t already have an account, sign up and use the Box Connector for GoFormz!

Season’s Greetings from GoFormz!


It has been an amazing year here at GoFormz!  We’ve grown from a small group of enthusiastic users to a community that spans over 60 countries.  Along the way we’ve enhanced the functionality of GoFormz, from an easy and intuitive way to eliminate paper forms, to a robust solution that simplifies data management, and integrates workflow and collaboration.

This year, we decided to celebrate our hard work and good fortune with a holiday party at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.  You can tell from some of the photos below we had a great time!

I personally want to thank our dedicated team who work tirelessly and passionately to bring you GoFormz.  And here’s to another great year ahead!!

Jeff Fildey









We wanted to let you know that we have an early Christmas present for you.  We’re announcing the availability of GoFormz 1.7 for iOS, Android and the web.  This release focuses on enhancing the management and workflow components of your GoFormz account:

  • Organizing Forms.  Yes, we know – FINALLY!!  With our latest release you can organize all those forms you’ve captured into virtual folders by assigning tags to your forms.  We group tags together and allow you to nest tags within other tags, much like folders.  The nice thing is you can have multiple tags for a form, so it can appear in more than one “folder”.  For example, you could add tags for customer name, employee name and type of form, and then find a specific form by searching the customer, employee or form type tags.  It’s much more flexible than traditional folders.  We hope you think the wait was worth it!
  • Enhanced WorkflowGoFormz already includes the ability to automatically trigger emails, internal transfers and uploads to Box.  With our latest release, we include the ability to set our new form tags, which helps to organize forms automatically, and we can now set triggers on publicly shared forms.  In future releases we will continue to add more workflow options, simplifying the way you process and manage your forms. 
  • Field Locks for Validation.  With our latest version 1.7, we provide a variety of ways for you to automatically populate and lock field data when a form is launched or when a field is selected.  For example, you can automatically populate GPS coordinates in order to validate an employee’s location at the time the form was launched.  Or you could automatically populate date and time fields and lock them to validate when an employee or customer filled out a form.
  • Enhanced Permissions.  We are providing much more granular control over the permissions you manage for your users.  For example, now you can control the users who can edit forms, who can email them and who can delete them.  And there’s much more.   
  • User-Based Conditions. Have you ever needed to present one set of data options, like drop down options, to one user and a different set to another user?  Maybe they are part of different teams or different functions?  We now allow you to set logic, calculations and data search based upon user id so you can differentiate options based upon the needs of your users.          

We also want to take this opportunity to discuss our update policy.  We often release critical fixes in our updates and it is important that our user community stay current to get the best experience from GoFormz.  As such, in the near future, we will mandate that users be within one version of the latest version of GoFormz.  You will hear more about that in the future.

In upcoming releases you can expect continued enhancements to reporting and workflow.  And, as always, we’re working on some other interesting things.  And, if you have a feature you just can’t live without, you can visit our voting booth ( to submit your request and circulate it among our growing community.  We value your input so that we can constantly improve GoFormz!

And if there is anything further we can provide in the meantime, please let us know at!

Thanks, from your GoFormz Team!

GoFormz Featured on

Our very own Jeff Fildey sat down with Box for a Q&A session about GoFormz, our integration with Box and the future of enterprise mobility.  Check it out here.

GoFormz 1.6 is Now Available!

Yes, it’s only been a few weeks since our last update, but we’re so excited about some new capabilities with GoFormz we just couldn’t wait to get them out.  GoFormz 1.6, for iOS, Android and the web, focuses on collaboration, both between users in your account and with the general public:

  • Shared Forms for Groups.  Do you have situation where you need to share a form you’ve been working on with other members of your team?  Previous versions of GoFormz required that you transfer that form to a specific user in your account.  With our new Shared Forms for Groups feature, you can transfer that form to a shared pool, where other users in your group can see the form and pull it down to their device to work on it.  This is a great feature for dispatchers who want to prefill forms like work orders, transfer them to the pool and then have the next available technician grab the form and go.  With Shared Forms for Groups, teams can work and collaborate on forms as needed.  See, it’s good to share.
  • Group-Based Workflows.  People constantly tell us they love the workflow we’ve been building into GoFormz.  But, setting up individual workflow rules for everyone can be cumbersome when you have tens, hundreds or thousands of users in your account.  With Group-Based Workflows you can set single workflow rules for work groups to trigger things like automated emails.  And, you can even set up rules whereby forms completed by users in the group are transferred back to the shared forms pool that we discussed above.
  • Public Form Sharing - Beta.  With Version 1.6, anyone and everyone can use GoFormz!  We have had this planned for a long time and now it’s finally here.  With prior versions of GoFormz only named users in your account could complete forms.  Now, with our Public Form Sharing feature, you can post or email links to anyone, even non-GoFormz users, so they can complete forms.  And every form that they complete, and all that rich data, is stored back in your account, just as if one of your own users filled it out.  What’s more, you can control the fields that can be completed – maybe you only need their signature and don’t want them to change other areas of your form.  Post links to your templates right on your website and have users click and complete.  The possibilities are endless.  Please note that Public Form Sharing is only in beta release – if you would like access to this function please send a request to and we will enable it for your account.       

In upcoming releases you can expect new tools to manage and organize forms in your account as well as reporting enhancements.  And yes, we have a couple of surprises too.  And please remember that if you have a feature you just can’t live without, you can visit our voting booth ( to submit your request and circulate it among our growing community.  We value your input so that we can constantly improve GoFormz!

And if there is anything further we can provide in the meantime, please let us know at!

Thanks, from your GoFormz Team!

We’ve Done It. GoFormz 1.5 is Here!


While the unofficial end to summer is here, we’re still celebrating a great season with the latest release of GoFormz for both iOS and Android.  In addition to minor updates and bug fixes, the GoFormz 1.5 Mobile App includes the following new feature highlights:

  • Advanced database filtering.  Do you have a list of items you want to appear in your database field that depend upon the value in another field?  For example, when checking equipment you may need to first select the make, then the model and then the serial number of a component.  With the new advanced database filtering in GoFormz we automatically filter database options to show only the relevant options based upon other selections, making it easy for your field teams to complete forms more quickly and accurately.
  • Select pages to email, download and print.  Like the old Henry Ford model (you can have any color car as long as it’s black), with older versions of GoFormz you could email, download and print any form as long as it was every page.  With GoFormz 1.5 we give you better control, allowing you to select specific pages to email, download and print, or choose from pre-defined templates (more on that below).  Yes, we agree, it’s about time!
  • Offline PDF.  With previous versions of GoFormz you needed to be online to download or print a PDF version of your completed forms.  With GoFormz 1.5 you can render, download and print your completed forms right on your iOS or Android device regardless of whether or not you’re online or offline.

In conjunction with the release of the new GoFormz Mobile App version, we are updating certain GoFormz Web Tools.

  • Set email, download and print configurations.  Do you have a situation where you use a form to collect information, but only want to provide certain pages to your customer?  As mentioned above, with GoFormz 1.5 you can create standardized configurations where only specific pages are emailed, downloaded or printed.  You set these configurations in your management portal and they are available to all users on their mobile device.
  • Stand-alone web form editor.  With this latest release we provide a new stand-alone form editor.  Your users can now complete forms through a new and improved web interface without logging into the management console.  
  • Post links to form templates. Do you have a form, like a time sheet or vacation request, that needs to be completed by everyone in your organization, not just your mobile teams?  With GoFormz 1.5 you can post links to your form templates on your internal network that will launch the new editor for your users. Now you get a super simple interface for filling out forms on the web AND you get access to all the data.  What could be better?  Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll think of something.
  • Enhanced device management.  We continue to focus on account control, security and data integrity.  With our new Account tools we provide you better control over the mobile devices accessing your account.  Now you can view connected devices and even log them out remotely if needed. 

As always, we still have a long feature roadmap including some very exciting new features coming later this year.  And, PLEASE remember that if you have a feature you just can’t live without, you can visit our voting booth ( to submit your request for others to acknowledge and agree.  We value your input so that we can constantly improve GoFormz!

And if there is anything further we can provide in the meantime, please let us know at!

Thanks, from your GoFormz Team!

GoFormz 1.4 is In The House!


The latest release of GoFormz for both iOS and Android is now available through the App Store and Google Play.  Yes, both at the same time!  Who would have guessed?

While this is primarily a maintenance and performance improvement release, GoFormz 1.4 includes a few new features, in addition to minor updates and bug fixes.

  • Auto-generated number.  Do you use GoFormz to complete things like work orders that each need a unique identification number?  With our auto-generated number field, GoFormz will assign unique sequential numbers to forms completed by you and your teammates in the field.  If you’re offline at the time, GoFormz assigns the unique number when you reconnect. 
  • “Other” option for drop downs menus.  Now you can set up your drop down fields to include an “Other” option.  Users can choose from one of the defined options, or type in a unique value if needed.  Yes, this is long overdue, but better late than never!    
  • Rename draft forms.  With GoFormz 1.4 we have made it easy to modify the name of draft forms at any time.
  • Clear button for date and time fields.  A feature, you say?  Well, not really, but we wanted to make sure every GoFormz user knows you can now delete date and time values in the case where they were entered accidentally.

One particular word of note: to take advantage of these new features and our maintenance fixes, this upgrade to GoFormz 1.4 will require a one-time re-entry of your password.  An internet connection will be required to validate your password.

In conjunction with the release of the new mobile version, we are updating certain GoFormz web tools.

  • Copying templates.  Yes, it is finally here!  One of our most highly anticipated features.  If you need to create a new template that is very similar to an existing template you have, or if you want to make some changes to an existing template, but want to keep the original, you can now use our Copy feature.  With one click you can replicate an existing template and all its fields saving a boatload of time.
  • Bulk download of forms.  Another often requested feature.  Now you select multiple forms in the Forms tab and download them as a zip file.  Now there is no need to open a form and save it to disk.  Another big time-saver.

As always, we still have a long feature roadmap, including some very innovative features coming later this year.  You’ve heard it before:  PLEASE remember that if you have a feature you just can’t live without, you can visit our voting booth ( to submit your request and let others chime in.  We always value your input so that we can constantly improve GoFormz!

And don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need assistance.

Thanks, from your GoFormz Team!

Announcing the Box App for GoFormz


We are excited to formally announce the Box App for GoFormz!  With the app you can now automatically upload completed GoFormz forms into folders within your Box account making it even easier to share your forms with colleagues, customers or anyone else.

Click here to find out how you can configure your Box account to work with GoFormz.


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