Spotlight Feature: Image Fields

Mobile Devices of All Shapes & Sizes

Mobile Devices of All Shapes & Sizes

When you use your mobile device to complete a form, there is a high likelihood that there is a camera built into it. GoFormz Image Fields are designed to leverage the ubiquitous camera.

Photos can be highly detailed and full of visual data as discussed in a past post. An image can convey as much about a situation as half a page of detailed text can. Snap a photo as a fast way to capture information. This can be particularly useful in time sensitive situations and when you want to quickly include an image of a person in your form.


Use Case: The Release Form

Release forms are used across many industries, including professional photography. Photographers use them to secure permission from individuals to use their image. With a mobile release form, the photographer can include a photo of every signee. This ensures that he/she has the proper release forms signed when selecting photos to use after the shoot.

GoFormz Release Form Template

For example, when a photographer is assigned to take corporate marketing photos of employees in action, he needs to have release forms from all individuals that may be in photos that could be published. How will he remember whose signature belongs to whose face?  

With a traditional paper form, the photographer has to carry copies of paper release forms and take a picture of every individual that signs them. He then needs to have some sort of manual recording system to designate which photo goes with which form – an onerous and time-consuming process.

The mobile form with an image field solves the problem easily and saves the photographer tons of time. It also avoids other headaches like trying to find the names of the people in the photos (for captions, etc.).  

Because the mobile release form is created using GoFormz, the user can also leverage some of the other advanced features in conjunction with the image field, such as auto date/time capture and automatically emailing a copy of the signed release form.

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