3 Benefits of Utilizing Our Box Integration

Our integration with Box empowers field teams to digitally fill out and complete documents in the field, and instantly route them to their appropriate folders in Box. This integration not only simplifies record-keeping, but also introduces opportunities to streamline processing and achieve incredible savings. Here are some of the benefits you can anticipate when utilizing our integration with Box:

Improve organization and centralize documents
Leveraging an Automated Workflow, completed forms can be instantly routed to their appropriate folders in Box, based on input data. For example, if ‘Bob’s Auto Shop’ were input into a Customer Name field, the completed form could be dynamically routed to the customer’s folder in Box. If a folder does not already exist for the completed form, the Automated Workflow would then instruct Box to create a new folder to store the form. This seamless automation not only preserves existing workflows, but also elevates organization without demanding additional administrative hours.

Reduce administrative overhead
Instantaneously routing forms to Box folders also drastically reduces administrative overhead, via the elimination of physical storage resources. Eliminating storage demands saves drastic amounts of time and money – directly benefiting your bottomline. Additionally, Cloud storage also removes the need for hand-filing, which demands dedicated administrative hours.

Improve data accessibility
One of the most impactful benefits of integrating your mobile forms with Box is the increased accessibility of data. With forms automatically stored within Box, teams no matter their location can access the forms they need, as soon as they need them. This means remote or distant teams no longer need to wait for scanned, faxed, or hand-delivered forms before continuing their work. Cloud storage and Box search functionalities allow forms, attachments, and metadata to be rapidly accessed.

Additionally, our Box integration allows custom attributes to be associated with your forms. This allows your team to filter their forms in Box based on details like a customer name – so if you want to access forms completed for Bob’s Auto Shop, it can be rapidly and easily done.

Looking for more ways to leverage the Box integration? Check out this quick video to see how it all works.

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