Features to Include In Your Digital Work Orders

Digital Work Orders drastically improve project communication and client-facing professionalism. Leveraging dynamic fields, seamless automations and new data types, digital Work Orders provide field teams with a modern, client-ready means of data collection. Ready to streamline the collection of customer and project data? Here are 3 fields and features to include in your digital Work Orders:

Drop Down menus & Data Sources
Drop Down fields empower digital work order users to select a customer’s name and instantly populate corresponding fields. Drop Down fields can pull information from Data Sources, or from connected GoFormz integrations. This functionality expedites form completion and improves the accuracy of input Work Order data.

Digital Signatures
Rapidly capture authorizations with digital Signature boxes. Signature fields can even be made Required, ensuring that Work Order details have been approved prior to form submission.

Automatic Calculations
Effortlessly increase accuracy while simplifying Work Order arithmetic, with Automatic Calculations. Automatic Calculations allow for the rapid completion of Work Order line items (e.g. proposed project totals, projected cost of materials) – reducing human error while streamlining Work Order completion.

Bonus: Automate mobile Work Order routing and record-keeping.

Automated Workflows (actions that are instantly completed as a result of predefined Triggers) allow for the seamless sharing of Work Orders with customers, teammates, and even other platforms. For example, a PDF copy of a completed Work Order could be instantaneously emailed to an input customer email address, or automatically uploaded to an integrated platform, like Salesforce, ServiceMax or Procore.

To learn more about digital Work Orders check out our Starter Forms collection (ready to use mobile forms, included in every GoFormz account) or watch a quick video.