5 Fields to Include in Your Mobile Release Forms

Digital release forms are the easiest way to protect your business from liability, when:

  • Including an individual’s likeness in business or media materials

  • Asking colleagues to participate in an activity your business facilitates

  • Providing business services on offsite locations
    ...and so much more…

So why use digital release forms? Mobile release forms drastically simplify release form completion. Mobile release forms can be rapidly generated and dispatched, and once completed, accessed from any location. These mobile release forms can also host Database fields. Once a selection has been made from a Database field, it can instantly populated relevant fields. For example, if an event name was selected from a Drop Down menu, the event location, point of contact, and more, could be instantly filled.

When digitizing your release forms for use on phones, tablets, and computers, it is important to understand which fields and features can help your team gather thorough release form data. To help you get started building your mobile release form Template (or use our free Release Form Starter Template), explore the digital fields listed below:

Digitize your release forms for use on mobile devices

Signature fields
Capturing participant or legal guardian consent is arguably the most important aspect of completing a Release Form. When adding a Signature field to your mobile release form Template, it can be made Required in the Properties panel, ensuring participant signatures are captured prior to form submission.

Including Checkbox fields in your mobile forms allows users to quickly note they consent to outlined activities or parameters. Leveraging Dynamic Field Properties, Checkboxes can be used to signify that a legal guardian will authorize a form for a minor, and dynamically make an additional Signature field Required.

Text & Number fields
Adding Text and Number fields to your mobile forms allow for participant information to be easily entered into forms, and even be pre-populated based on Database selections. Text fields can also be used to enter participation details, as well as additional contact information.

Date fields
Date fields help teams keep track of when mobile Release Forms have been signed, or for what dates an individual plans on participating in the activities outlined. Date fields can also be immediately populated within forms when generated.

Image fields
Incorporating Image fields within your mobile Release Forms allows for participant photos to be easily input from mobile devices, simplifying the identification of participants during an activity or when referencing individuals whose likeness is included in business materials.

Your digital Release Forms can be further enhanced with digital features, like Tagging. Tagging allows users to automatically or manually add a label to forms, to simplify their location at a later date, for example, a participant or event name. Similarly, automatic features like Automated Routing empowers teams to instantly email completed form copies to participant’s, referencing the contact email they entered into the digital Release Form. Forms can also be instantly uploaded to connected business applications, like Box, Salesforce, or Egnyte.

Interested in exploring more mobile forms? Check out our Starter Forms collection to review the free form Templates your business can leverage as soon as you sign up.