3 Essential Mobile Forms for Painting Contractors

Strengthen your painting business with professional, dynamic mobile forms that look exactly like your existing paper forms. With GoFormz, it’s easy to upload and digitize your contractor forms, for use on phones, tablets and computers.

Digital painting forms for painting contractors

Digital painting forms help your operation work more efficiently and professionally. This is achieved via powerful, streamlined digital form fields and automatic, professional client-facing features. Leveraging Automated Workflows, copies of mobile painting forms completed on a job site can be automatically routed to clients, the back-office and more. To learn what other digital features can help your team work smarter, check out the three essential forms for painting contractors:

No matter the project, digital painting Proposals empower your team to easily include critical information, including details like:

  • Scope of work

  • Priming and finishing materials

  • Pricing

Additionally, digital Proposals enable field teams to capture approvals instantly, with digital Signature boxes. Digital Signatures not only simplify the approvals process, but also allow your crew to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ and efficiently capture prospective business.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Checklists (QA/QC)
Ensure your business completes jobs both efficiently and thoroughly with digital Quality Assurance and Quality Control Checklists. Using digital QA/QC Checklists, painting contractors can rapidly review each project task has not only been completed, but also meets your business standards and pre-defined expectations of each project. Digital Checklists allow users to quickly note the completion of tasks, while new data types, like Images, empower users to include visuals of QA/QC concerns. Checkboxes can even be equipped to trigger an Automated Workflow, to instantly route forms noting QA/QC flaws to management and back-office teams.

Once your project is complete, instantly route professional, digital Invoices to customers. Digital painting Invoices can host detailed Tables, displaying line items of your project details, including work completed, hours spent, materials used and more. Tables can be further enhanced with Automatic Calculations, which can complete line items and resulting totals rapidly and accurately. Routing professional, digital Invoices to customers helps your team communicate faster and more thoroughly, and encourages timely payments.

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